Lexington Law Credit Repair Review

Lexington Law has one of the longest and most respected histories in the credit repair world, making one of the most common and reliable credit repair service. If you are looking to get ahold of Lexington Law to learn more, you can call (844) 259-3376.

Lexington Law Credit Repair: Overall

Best For: People looking for the Cadillac of credit repair, with all the bells and whistles.

Pros: Lots of extra to go along with your credit repair, credit repair lawyers on-staff to hep.

Cons: Can get expensive, not the best guarantee.

Lexington Law Credit Repair: Price

Since it offers more features than other credit repair services, Lexington Law also charges more. There is an initial fee of $99.95, plus $10 for them to pull your credit reports. After the initial fee, it is $59.95/month for the basic plan. If you want to upgrade to include more features, the Concord Plan is $79.95/month and the Concord Premium Plan is $99.95/month.

Lexington Law Credit Repair: Features

The basic plan offers basic features such as fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes, as well as a paralegal that gives you other ways to help raise your credit score and deals with your account. The Concord Plan offers extra investigation into legal loopholes, especially around whether the credit bureaus are following FTC regulations. The Concord Premium Plan offers all of that, plus identity theft protection and credit report monitoring.

Lexington Law Credit Repair: Reputation

Lexington Law is one of the oldest and most trusted credit repair services, although it has had its share of complaints from customers during its long run. It has a solid “A-” score from the Better Business Bureau, which means those complaints have been few and far between.

Lexington Law Credit Repair: Guarantee

Lexington Law does offer a guarantee, although it’s not so much a guarantee as a legal obligation. The service does not require you to pay for services until they have finished the agreed upon work, which is a requirement enforced by the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Still, it is nice to know that the work is guaranteed.

Lexington Law Credit Repair: User Reviews

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