If reading is one of your favorite pastimes, yet it isn’t convenient to carry books or magazines when you are out and about, it may be time to purchase an eBook reader. Having one of these lets you carry thousands of books and periodicals on one small device, giving you a variety to choose from depending on your mood. As a savvy consumer, you can purchase an eBook reader quite inexpensively, but it is important to choose one that best suits your needs.

Benefits of an eBook Reader

These electronic devices are lightweight and easy to slip into your purse, briefcase or tote bag. Whenever you run out of reading material, you can go online, purchase a new book or magazine, and be back to reading in just a few minutes.

Researching the Features

Research the different models of eBook readers and pick out a few that have the features you want most, then look at our reviews to determine which device is perfect for you. Some much-desired features include:

  • Front lighting: This feature lets you read in dark or dimly-lit situations and doesn’t cause eyestrain like some models with back-lit displays. This is important if you like to read in bed and don’t want to disturb your partner or decide to read something in low light.
  • High readability rating: Look for eBook readers with e-ink technology if you spend many hours reading each day. This feature reduces glare and increases the contrast of the written word, thus reducing eyestrain.
  • A built-in speaker and headphone jack: These features are important if you enjoy listening to audio books or want the eBook reader to read to you while you are driving, doing housework or during your daily commute.
  • Free 3G data: The devices that offer free 3G data are typically more costly than those that only offer WiFi. Nevertheless, this feature is a must if you travel often or have unreliable internet connections.

Although many people prefer the feel and smell of an actual book in their hands, an eBook reader is a convenient and lightweight alternative to carrying heavy, bulky reading materials when you are on the go.

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