Sprint Review

Sprint has been making a big push to take on the bigger mobile phone carriers, so it is offering customers very low pricing on plans, which is good news for those who want to save a little on their phone bill.

Sprint: Overall

Best for: Those who don’t need great coverage but want great data plans for cheap.

Pros: Data plans that are cheaper than competition. Unlimited data plan.

Cons: Coverage can be spotty, expensive international plans

Sprint: Price

Sprint offers a great Unlimited Plan, which gets you unlimited data, talk and text for $60/month, which is a pretty good deal. If you don’t need unlimited data, you can choose a data plan (with unlimited talk and text.) The smallest data plan is $20 for 1GB of data, while the largest plan is 60GB for $225.

Sprint: Coverage Area

Sprint definitely has less of a coverage area than Verizon and AT&T, but if you live in or near and urban area, you should be good.

Sprint: Features

  • Rollover data
  • Cutting your bill in half if you switch to Sprint
  • Shared WiFi app, to get WiFi almost anywhere
  • Early upgrade plans
  • Smartphone trade in deals
  • Smartphone payment plans

Sprint: Fees

  • Data Overage: $15/GB (for plans 2GB or over)
  • Early Termination: $200, or $350 for Advanced Devices
  • Activation Fee: $36
  • Upgrade Fee: $36

Sprint: International

Sprint has similar international plans to Verizon. 40MB of data will cost you $40/month, while 85MB will cost you $80/month. This is in addition to $0.50/sent text and $0.05/received text, as well as per minute charges for talking, which fluctuate depending on where you are traveling.

Sprint: User Reviews

  • Overall
  • Price
  • Coverage Area
  • Features
  • Fees
  • International


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