TradeKing Review

TradeKing is one of the most versatile online stock trading sites, along with one of the cheapest. It also has a wealth of knowledge on investing for beginners, which makes it a great all around pick.

TradeKing: Overall

TradeKing combines some of the best benefits to give you an all-around great experience when it comes to online trading. TradeKing offers one of the lowest costs when it comes to trading, as well as a slew of trading options and tools to help even the greenest of traders.

TradeKing: Fees

TradeKing offers one of the cheapest trading prices at $4.95 per trade, and the same price p0int for its options base fee. In addition, the options per contract fee is only $0.65, one of the lowest. If you want to place an broker-assisted order, it costs only $20, which is lowest of any online trading site.

TradeKing: Investing Options

  • Stocks & Options
  • ETFs
  • IRAs
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds
  • Forex
  • International Stock Exchange

TradeKing: Tools

  • Real-time streaming quotes
  • Volatility reports
  • Watch lists
  • Option strategies
  • Option chains
  • Profit/loss estimators

TradeKing: User Reviews

  • Overall
  • Fees
  • Investing Options
  • Tools


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