Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital is basically an automated robo-advisor for the wealthy. It has great features and options for investing, but high fees unless you are investing millions of dollars with them.

Personal Capital: Overall

Since Personal Capital focuses on the more wealthy client, it doesn’t offer many options for those who don’t have a lot of money to invest, which makes it’s options limited. If you do, however, have the money to invest, it’s a great option.

Personal Capital: Fees

Minimum deposit: First off, the minimum deposit for Personal Capital is $25,000, which is a lot more than any other robo-advisor service.

Under $1 million: Flat annual fee of 0.89%

$1-3 million: Flat annual fee of 0.79%

Next $2 million: Flat annual fee of 0.69%

Next $5 million: Flat annual fee of 0.59%

Over $10 million: Flat annual fee of 0.49%

Personal Capital: Options

While expensive, the beauty of Personal Capital is you get what you pay for. Even though it only offers one-stop shopping, the robo-advisor and your own dedicated team will help you assemble the best portfolio for your retirement. Personal Capital is also one of the only robo-advisors that invests in both ETFs and securities, which is a nice diversification.

Personal Capital: Features

Although they only offer one option when it comes to your portfolio, that option comes with a slew of features to help develop the best portfolio for your investments, including:

  • Dedicated advisor team
  • Retirement planner
  • Fee analyzer
  • Investment checkup tool
  • Net worth calculator
  • Cash flow analyzer

Personal Capital: User Reviews

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