E-File.com Review

E-File.com definitely makes things easy, especially if you have a simple tax return. Sadly, it costs more than the top tax prep services and doesn’t offer the same options.

E-File.com: Overall

The only real benefit of E-file.com is that you can file your federal tax return for free if you have a very simple tax return. Otherwise, it comes up short in all categories compared to sites like TurboTax and H&R Block.

E-File.com: Price

If you have a simple tax return with no dependents or deductions, you can file your federal tax return for free. If you have dependents, it will cost you $18.99. If you have deductions, it will cost you $34.95. And your state tax filings will cost you an additional $19.

E-File.com: Options

Filing: The only place you have file with E-file.com is via a web browser, which gives you limited options. E-file.com also doesn’t offer any help when it comes to preparing your taxes, beyond its online automated system.

Refund: E-file.com only offers direct deposit when it comes to your refund, which is still a nice option, but if you wanted a check or prepaid credit card, you are out of luck.

E-File.com: Tax Help

Preparation: E-file.com only offers email support with your tax questions, which can be limited help, especially considering all the other options offered by bigger tax companies.

Audit: E-file.com offers no audit support.

E-File.com: User Reviews

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