H&R Block Review

One of the top two names in online tax preparation, H&R Block offers some of the best tax prep technology along with a solid price structure that makes it easily accessible to the average filer.

H&R Block: Overall

Many think that TurboTax and H&R Block are almost identical when it comes to online tax prep, but in reality, they have many differences, including personalized help, pricing and technology.

H&R Block: Price

The upside of H&R Block is that it is the only major online tax prep service to offer free federal filing even if you have deductions. The downside is that it charges for state filing ($27.99 to start) no matter how simple your return.

H&R Block: Options

Filings: Just like TurboTax, H&R Block offers you the option to file your taxes via web browser, mobile phone or table, as well as downloadable software. It also offers tax experts to help you if you are having difficulty with your return.

Refunds: Just like the other major tax prep services, H&R Block allows you to claim your refund via direct deposit, check or prepaid credit card.

H&R Block: Tax Help

Preparation: One of the best parts of H&R Block is that it offers physical offices, where you can go and meet with a tax expert to help you with your returns. It is the only online tax prep service to offer this service, which is a huge plus for those looking for a more personal touch. H&R Block also offers online help as well as phone assistance.

Audit: It also offers audit help in the case that you are audited by the IRS through its Worry-Free Audit support, which guarantees help in case of an audit.

H&R Block: User Reviews

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