T-Mobile Review

T-Mobile may not have the size of the bigger mobile phone carriers, but it is scrappy and offers some great features to make up for its poor coverage area.

T-Mobile: Overall

Best for: People who travel a lot.

Pros: Great international plans, unlimited data available.

Cons: Coverage is very spotty, pricing can be confusing.

T-Mobile: Price

All T-Mobile plans included unlimited talk and text. Prices for individual plans (for talk, text and data) start at $50/month for 1GB of data and go up to $80/month for unlimited data, which is a great deal. Family plans are on the same price structure, but each user has their own plan price. As you add more lines, the plans get cheaper. So if you chose the $50/month plan, and added 2 extra lines, the second line would pay $30/month and the third line would pay $10/month. All of these charges are added to an overall total that you will be billed.

T-Mobile: Coverage Area

While T-Mobile has great pricing structures, it is known for its spotty coverage. If you are in an urban area and need to save money on your phone bill, it could be a good option.

T-Mobile: Features

  • Rollover data
  • Calling to Mexico and Canada included
  • Early upgrade plans
  • Smartphone trade in deals
  • Smartphone payment plans

T-Mobile: Fees

  • Data Overage: None
  • Early Termination: None
  • Activation Fee: $35

T-Mobile: International

If you are traveling to Mexico or Canada, your T-Mobile plan will act as if you are still in the U.S., which is a nice feature to have. If you are traveling outside of North America, your plan also covers unlimited data. There is no plan for talk, so it will cost you $0.20/minute, but considering you are aren’t paying for data, it could end up being a better deal.

T-Mobile: User Reviews

  • Overall
  • Price
  • Coverage Area
  • Features
  • Fees
  • International


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