How Does Daily Burn Work?

Daily Burn is a fitness platform that lets you take control over your workouts. From the comfort of your own home, you can start moving and training your way to a firmer, fitter form. Getting started is quick and easy:

  1. Enter your age, gender, weight, goal weight and email address on the form.
  2. Answer some questions about your preferred exercises and current fitness level.
  3. Select a recommended program after viewing the preview video.
  4. Start your trial membership and get sweating.

Once you’ve activated your trial, you can work your way through the recommended program or start looking for different videos if you need something a little different. You can search through the entire Daily Burn library and find videos based on duration, so if you only have 15 minutes, you can find a video that will work. If one trainer doesn’t help you stay motivated, you can search for videos by a different trainer. If you’re ready to move on from beginner exercises, you can search for intermediate options.

Find the right exercises to help you get and stay motivated. If you start falling into a rut or a video isn’t as exciting down the road, you can always switch up your routine.

What Makes Daily Burn Stand Out?

Many online fitness platforms offer a large library of exercise videos. What they may not offer is the ability to build your own fitness plan. When a personal trainer creates a plan for you without an in-person consultation, they might include exercises that you should avoid. When you are in control of your workout, you can tailor it to meet your needs. Have a knee injury you need to protect? Find videos that don’t put any pressure on your knees. Want to work more on cardio and less on strength? You can select workouts that really get the sweat pouring.

With Daily Burn, you get the option to choose from more than 20 different exercise plans or build your own. You’re in complete control of your fitness and have access to great search features. With these search features, you can quickly and easily find the right workouts to support your fitness level and goals.

Common Reviews of Daily Burn

Most Daily Burn users like the service. While some sites post an average rating of only 2.9 stars, most complaints involve billing disputes, not complaints about the actual service. One customer even downgraded their rating solely based on the political opinions of some of the trainers. So, don’t be turned off by a lower rating without checking the content of some of the reviews.

Those who discuss the service in the bulk of their review tend to rave about the variety and effectiveness of having workouts on tap. Remember, you can access Daily Burn from just about any device, so you can use it at home, on the go or while traveling.

Is Daily Burn for Me?

If you want to trim a few pounds, say goodbye to your love handles or just get up and moving more, Daily Burn might be your solution. This online fitness platform offers a little bit of everything from salsa cardio to resistance strength training.

Even if you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years, there’s a program designed just for you: True Beginners. Start with this 4-week workout schedule and you’ll be ready to move on to the next level in no time.

Already pretty fit and experienced with advanced workouts? No worries, Daily Burn can keep up the challenge, though you might want to invest in some weights and kettlebells to add difficulty. Daily Burn is one of the few fitness platforms to have programs designed for everyone. Just remember that Daily Burn doesn’t offer multiple profiles, though, so if you’re looking for strength workouts, you might have to scroll past all of the yoga videos saved in the queue.

How Does iBodyFit Work?

iBodyFit is the closest thing you’ll find to personal training through an online platform. You can get all of the support and feedback you’d expect from a trainer in the room with you. When you sign up for a VIP or higher membership, you get a personalized workout plan, one-on-one support from a certified trainer and access to an incredible library of workout videos.

Sign-up is quick and easy, and you have plenty of plans to choose from. If you want access to the whole library and personal training, you’ll want VIP or VIP Plus. If you’re pretty self-motivated, you can select from one of the bundle plans and enjoy workouts targeted to help you meet your goals. It really is all up to you and the service is very flexible.

There’s no auto billing with iBodyFit, so you never have to worry about canceling. You can start with a full-service option and slowly reduce to a workout plan once you’ve gotten started. You decide how much to spend and when. The only downside is that there is no free trial offer, so you do have to pay to play.

What Makes iBodyFit Stand Out?

So many online fitness platforms offer a library of videos and a forum. There’s not much else there. With iBodyFit, you get a wide variety of workouts, customized meal plans, grocery lists to help keep you away from the snack aisles and much more. The variety of workouts and service offerings is really what makes iBodyFit so special.

Meal planning is tough when you do it yourself. It can take hours to sort through recipes to build a daily plan that checks off all of the nutrition boxes. Then, you need to translate those recipes into a grocery list for shopping. When you have an iBodyFit personal training membership, it’s all done for you. You get a meal plan that includes snacks, and your grocery list is automatically generated.

Common Reviews of iBodyFit

iBodyFit is an online personal training site that has almost universally positive reviews. Many online fitness platforms deal with negative reviews related to billing. Automatic payments become a consistent problem with difficulty canceling an unwanted service. Not with iBodyFit. This service doesn’t use automated billing, so you never see any complaints about being billed after canceling the service.

For many, adaptability is the biggest plus to iBodyFit. You can get as much help you want or just access the workout library and get started. If you find it difficult to get motivated, you might want to sign up for a personal training plan. If you miss a few workouts, you get personalized reminders and a check in to make sure everything is okay.

Is iBodyFit for Me?

If you want a full-service site that includes personal training from a distance, iBodyFit is what you’ve been looking for. Unlike the competition, iBodyFit offers a truly customizable experience. You get a workout plan developed just for you, all based on your answers to a questionnaire. You also get a carefully calibrated meal plan that takes into account your age, gender, weight and weight loss goals.

The only drawback to iBodyFit is the price. Along with the full-service experience comes a fairly hefty price tag. Of course, it’s nowhere near as expensive as you might pay for in-person training, but it is significantly more expensive than other online fitness options. If you’re willing and able to invest a little more for health and wellness, iBodyFit could be a good solution. The site offers everything you need to take a holistic approach to fitness from diet to exercise and tracking.