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Norton has always been the darling of the security software world, but has been losing ground lately to other top names like Bitdefender and Kasperksy. All of these services offer very similar products with high independent testing scores. That can mean it may come down to the details when choosing from the top three, and Norton has always been good at paying attention to the details.

How Does Norton Work?

One of the main perks of Norton is that it is incredibly easy to install, which can be a pain with other services. Once installed, Norton will run a deep scan of your device to check for viruses or malware. If it detects any, it will let you know and either remove them or instruct you on how to remove them. Once the initial scan is done, you can set Norton up to run scans as often as you want.

Another perk is that Norton runs on your device almost undetected. Other antivirus software can have large home screens that can take up a good portion of your desktop. Norton offers a smaller, integrated tool that lets you turn protections on and off with the flick of a switch.

Some cool features Norton offers in addition to basic protection:

Multi-device protection from one place: Many other antivirus software services offer multi-device protection, but in most cases, you have to download the same software on all your devices. You have to do the same thing with Norton, but once they are installed, you can manage all your devices from one device, making it easier to get security notifications about your computer when you are on your phone.

Parental controls: Norton’s parental controls do cost extra to add on, but not as much as signing up for a completely different parental control software suite. Norton offers great controls of your children’s computer use, which is seamlessly integrated into Norton’s interface.

Online backup: This is another tool that will cost you extra, but it is nice to have online backup integrated in your security software, because you can do everything in one place and you can be sure that the backed up files are safe and secure.

Can I Trust Norton?

Norton is perhaps the most trusted name in antivirus software. It has been leading the pack for decades and is still the go-to for many antivirus experts. In addition, Norton always does very well in independent antivirus testing.

Protection: Like its big-name competitors, Norton scored a 6 out of 6 in AV-Test’s performance testing, which makes sense as it has one of the quietest and quickest software in the game. Norton will also help you optimize your device to make it run as quickly as possible.

Performance: Norton has always led the way when it comes to protection, and that includes a consistent 6 out of 6 from AV-Test for many years. Norton uses data it collects from its software all over the world to learn about new viruses and malware, and to create protection software that will combat new and evolving virus technologies.

Common Norton Reviews

Like most other big names in antivirus software, Norton gets pretty solid reviews for its technology. Most professional consumer product review sites will rank Norton in the No. 1 or No. 2 spot, given its high quality in both protection and performance.

Users generally like Norton as well, mostly because it is easy to use. The simple installation and its unassuming nature on devices make it a favorite, especially among non-technology-oriented users.

Is Norton Right For You?

Norton is one of the best antivirus software services around, but it lacks the wow factor that could set it apart from other top names like Bitdefender or Kaspersky. Any of the top three would be a great choice to protect your devices, so the question then becomes how to pick between the three.

The one thing that makes Norton stand out is its guarantee. If at any point Norton fails to stop a virus from infecting your device, you will get your money back and they will help you fix the problem. Most antivirus software services don’t offer that. So if you are looking for a protection guarantee, Norton would be a good choice.

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