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Flipp is a neat little app that saves a lot of time if you’re the type that plans shopping outings based on weekly flyers and available coupons. With the Flipp app, you can browse the flyers from your local merchants without searching through countless paper ads and paying for newspapers just to get the advertisements.

How Does Flipp Work?

The flyers you view in the Flipp app are identical to the ones found in the local papers, but you can flip through them quickly with the swipe of your finger. You can search using a store’s name or a specific product, then digitally “clip” those deals you want to save. If you have a favorite shopping spot, you can set your app to deliver its new fliers automatically.

Flipp lets you build a customized shopping list, organizing what you need and locating the most economical place to find it. As you browse through the flyers, you can “clip” items to send them, along with their sale prices, directly to your shopping list. The included “Discount Finder” lets you target the best deals with the app doing the price comparisons for you.

You are not required to set up a personal account or register with the website to download and use Flipp.

What Makes Flipp Stand Out?

Flipp is an app that is tailor-made for use by consumers. The main component of the app embraces the idea that consumers should have choices. It can be irresistible for those who love to shop the latest deals and save some money while doing it.

Flipp lets you plan your shopping excursions, not only saving you money by picking up the best deals, but also saving you the time it would take for you to browse through stores to see what may be on sale. With Flipp directing your shopping outing, you can go straight to the best deals in the individual stores.

Once in the store, you can use the Flipp app to check off items from your list as you pick them up. This ensures that you don’t miss anything and helps you stick to your shopping list.

Common Flipp Reviews

Flipp reviews are good across the board. What’s not to like? We all carry our phones with us wherever we go these days, so why not use the phone to save some time and money when shopping? With the Flipp app, it’s easy to do.

The only complaints among Flipp app reviews cite the lack of customization options when selecting retailers and some listing features. However, these minor details are by no means deal-breakers when considering the app as a whole. If you are looking for similar reviews, check out our other personal finance reviews, like this one comparing Sky Blue vs Lexington Law

Is Flipp for Me?

Flipp is for anyone who is into comparison shopping, couponing and bargain hunting. It is a free download, so you risk nothing by trying it out. Even if you have one or two stores that you use exclusively, the Flipp app can help you locate what items are on sale and when you can get the best deals.

Unless saving a bit of money isn’t something you’re interested in doing, it just makes sense to give the Flipp app a try. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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