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Le Tote is an internet-based fashion company that helps women rent and purchase clothes and accessories. Similar businesses have become popular over the last few years as more people realize that they can use online services to access a wider range of fashion than by shopping at local stores. Businesses like Le Tote also give women opportunities to rent items. When you have a chance to wear a shirt or necklace during the day, you can make a better decision about whether you want to purchase or return the item.

How Does Le Tote Work?

When you sign up for a Le Tote membership, the website creates a style profile based on your information. If you don’t like what the stylist chooses for you, then you can exchange the selections for other clothes. For instance, if your current shipment includes a shirt that you don’t like, you can tell Le Tote to replace it with a garment that you select yourself. The replacement gets added to your order before it leaves Le Tote’s headquarters.

A regular membership lets you choose three garments and two accessories at a time. Other memberships will let you choose more or fewer items per month. You have to become a Le Tote member before you can browse these extra options.

After you receive your shipment from Le Tote, you can wear the items for as long as you like. You might try on a dress and immediately decide that you want to return it. Le Tote provides a bag that makes returns easy. On the other hand, you might decide that you love the dress so much that you want to purchase it. After you return or purchase items from your order, Le Tote starts to prepare a new selection of fashion for you. You get free shipping both ways.

What Makes Le Tote Stand Out?

Many style companies will send you curated boxes of clothing, but they want you to purchase the items you like most. Those companies don’t always give you a chance to rent items.

Le Tote stands out by letting members wear items for as long as they want. Of course, you run the risk of overpaying for items when you rent them for too long. Most customers find that it makes sense for them to return unpurchased items at least once per month.

Le Tote also lets you receive more than one package per month. If you send back a selection of clothes and accessories a week after you receive it, Le Tote will immediately start gathering new items for you.

Common Reviews of Le Tote

Le Tote gets a range of positive and negative reviews from people who have tried the company’s services. Unsatisfied members say that Le Tote has poor customer services. Some members say that customer service representatives didn’t try to solve basic problems like missing items and slow shipping.

Others say that customer service reps are nearly impossible to reach. Several unhappy customers said that they had difficulty closing their accounts. The process was so difficult that they ended up paying for one to two months of services that they didn’t want.

One of the biggest problems is that Le Tote doesn’t use transparent membership options. You can’t discover what membership options you get to choose from until after you create a Le Tote profile. This makes it difficult for shoppers to compare their options. Ideally, the company would provide a list of its membership plans and rates on its homepage. Currently, you have to join before you can access this information.

Happy members paint a different picture of Le Tote. They love that they get to rent clothes for as long as they please. They report that they get high-quality clothing that they can wear to a variety of casual and upscale events. A few people say that the shipping takes longer than expected, but they still appreciate the opportunity to wear clothing before they decide whether they want to buy.

A lot of customers say that joining Le Tote gives them a great way to save money on fashionable clothes. Members get discounts when they decide to purchase items from Le Tote. The company also has sales that make it affordable to purchase clothing and accessories that often sell at high prices.

Overall, Le Tote receives excellent reviews from about half of its members. The other half doesn’t like the company as much.

Is Le Tote for Me?

Le Tote is a good option for women who want to explore a variety of styles without spending time at shopping malls. If you love spending the afternoon shopping at different stores, then you may not appreciate Le Tote’s services as much as some other women.

Le Tote is also a useful service for women who want to find fashionable items that aren’t available near them. The company gets many of its items from online fashion stores. By joining, you get to experience styles that you might not encounter in stores near your home.

Finally, Le Tote is a good company for women who don’t want to commit to buying clothes. Not many companies offer rental services like Le Tote. In fact, most fashion companies expect you to purchase the items they send. Le Tote doesn’t mind when you keep a scarf or pair of pants for several months. If you enjoy wearing them, then you can keep them until you’re ready to send the items back for something new.

If you enjoy variety, saving time and lowering your clothing expenses, then you should check out Le Tote to decide whether you want to sign up for a membership.

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