SOS Online Backup Review

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The bottom line is that SOS is competitive with its pricing, offers an easy user interface, and gives you all the features you need to back up personal and business data. It is an invaluable backup system for personal or small business use.

The customer service and support provided by SOS enjoys a good reputation. As a customer, you can run on PCs or Macs, iPhones or Android smartphones. You can back up multiple devices, and it is easily accessible from home, office or on the road. The interface is easy to use, and the scheduling options are not difficult to set up.

SOS made the decision to offer its users unlimited versions kept on file. It also gives you social media data protection — that means you can back up your Facebook account. This is a nice feature that attracts many users.

How Does SOS Work?

SOS Online Backup has one of the easiest-to-use control panel operation dashboards in the online backup category. The learning curve for the software is negligible, making a large-scale deployment across multiple PCs and laptops smooth and generally flawless.

SOS gives you live support operators to assist new customers should any issues arise during installation. Users can also reach SOS support through the SOS social media accounts.

What Makes SOS Stand Out?

SOS gives you the flexibility to back up your information from an unlimited number of computers. It offers file versioning that includes indefinite storage of previous versions for the life of your account subscription.

If you have large files that would take a tremendous amount of time to upload, SOS allows you to physically mail them to SOS, who will then upload them to the cloud for you.

Common Reviews of SOS

Reviews of SOS overwhelmingly mention two features: speed and price. SOS’ ability to move files around at fantastic speeds is a positive mentioned in review after review. Speed of uploads depends, of course, on the speed of the internet connection. If you’re working on dial-up, nothing much is going to help.

On the other side, SOS is frequently chastised for its cost. When you get into large files and huge amounts of information needing transfer and storage, the price can rise rather rapidly. Although SOS offers an awful lot of good features for the price, there are a large number of users who still complain about their yearly bills.

Is SOS for Me?

SOS has some of the best uploading speeds and backup processing on the market. It doesn’t delete previous versions of files from the covered machine, even if you delete the file locally. You can retrieve any version of any file that you’ve ever generated as long as you maintain your account with SOS. That’s not something you’ll find in any other service.

Then there is the triple-encryption security. That’s incredibly hard for competitors to top. Then, just to keep things interesting, SOS adds local backup capability and excellent mobile apps. You get to control it all through a clear, attractive user interface.

So, is SOS for you? SOS makes a formidable argument that it is for everyone.

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