GrubHub Versus Seamless

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Grubhub or Seamless – which do you think is best? People now have the ability to order entire meals with a swipe of their fingers on a mere phone app, but this power does not make all food-delivery apps equal. Learn which has a better user interface, costs, and most importantly, which has a better menu. Seamless vs Grubhub… which do you think will win?

Since its release in 2004, GrubHub has revolutionized the way people order food from their mobile phones. One of the original food-delivery apps and easily the most user-friendly, GrubHub makes it easy to order great meals from that new place down the street, or from your favorite local standby. By partnering with restaurants throughout the U.S., GrubHub offers full menus, images of dishes and accurate reviews.

How Does GrubHub Work?

Say you want to grab some tacos from your favorite taqueria a few blocks over. Just open the GrubHub app, type “Tacos” into the search bar (or use the “express reorder” feature, if you’ve ordered from them before), select the meal you want, input your payment method and wait for the food to show up at your door. It’s that simple!

After your order is placed, GrubHub offers all sorts of convenient, user-facing features, including real-time order updates via push notifications, options to rate and review your favorite places, and GrubHub eGift cards.

Why do People Love it?

While GrubHub is attractive on many levels, its biggest draw is its simplicity. Users say the app “flows very smoothly” and that it’s “simple to use.” 

Designed to remember your preferences, save your payment information, and store your home or work addresses, GrubHub is dedicated to making the food-delivery process as streamlined as possible, and it succeeds in spades. 

The app currently boasts about 8.75 million active diners and 267,500 daily grub orders. It also offers access to more than 50,000 restaurants throughout the U.S., located in more than 1,000 cities.

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Owned by GrubHub, Seamless is a focused app that offers many of the same benefits. Designed to provide streamlined functionality and a simplified ordering process, Seamless is like other food-delivery apps in that it allows you to browse menus according to price, location, cuisine type and restaurant name. It also offers in-app promotions and discounts and to-your-door delivery.

It also makes re-order, pre-order and saving payment methods, addresses and more straightforward, so ordering takes less time, and you can always opt for that fail-proof sub or delicious sushi platter you’re craving. The app offers a selection of payment methods, so you can choose the one that’s right for you, be it a credit card, cash or Apple Pay.

How Does Seamless Work?

When you need some food delivered to you, start by opening the Seamless app. You’ll be greeted by a search bar that lets you browse menus according to a variety of criteria. Once you’ve selected a dish from a local menu (by checking out the photos, prices and descriptions the app offers), you can order it with one click. Input your payment and address information (both of which can be saved for future orders), and the food will be on its way to you.

Unlike UberEats, Seamless doesn’t offer real-time driver tracking, delivery person information or contact details, although it will update you about the status of your order via push notifications if you opt in. While some users prefer being able to pull up their driver’s location on a map, push notifications are more than sufficient to keep you informed about your order and ensure you’re there to receive it when it arrives.

Why do People Like it?

If you order food frequently, Seamless lets you save your order history and gives you Express Reorder features, preorder features (which allow you to plan a food order two days to four hours in advance, so you can always trust that your order will be on its way when you need it) and cashless payment methods, although this app also allows you to pay in cash, which many of its competitors don’t.

A simple and streamlined way to order food at your home or office or on-the-go, Seamless is slightly less limited in its offerings than similar apps (e.g., no grocery delivery, fast food or spirits), but continues to be simple to use. The app is free of many of the bugs and customer-service issues that turn other users off of food delivery and has a stunning amount of satisfied customers.

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