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Stitch Fix is a styling service that helps men and women find new clothing and accessories for their wardrobes. The company was founded in 2011, so it has more experience than some of the other companies that offer similar services.

Stitch Fix started as a fashion company that only dealt in women’s clothing. Today, it sells men’s clothing as well as maternity wear, petite sizes and plus sizes.

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

When you open a Stitch Fix account, you complete a questionnaire that helps the company’s stylists determine what types of garments and accessories you like to wear. The survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Stylists choose five items for each box that you receive from Stitch Fix. The company calls its boxes “Fixes.” If you choose to purchase all five items, then you receive a 25% discount. You don’t, however, have to purchase anything from your Fix. You can choose to send everything back. Unfortunately, you still have to pay the $20 styling fee. If you purchase an item, though, the styling fee gets applied to your total.

Stitch Fix gives you free shipping and returns.

Some people choose to subscribe to Stitch Fix so they can receive packages regularly. The company lets you choose any frequency that you like, so you could get a new Fix every other week, once per month, once every two months, etc. Stitch Fix will accommodate any schedule that you want.

You don’t have to sign up for automatic Fixes, though. Many members choose to order Fixes when they want them. They may only get one Fix per year. The number of Fixes you get doesn’t affect your standing as a customer. Remember, though, that each box comes with a $20 styling fee.

What Makes Stitch Fix Stand Out?

Stitch Fix stands out for trying to help everyone find clothes they will love. Many styling companies focus on serving men or women. Stitch Fix has fashions for both. Some styling companies also have limited sizes that can make it difficult for petite and plus-sized customers to find clothes. Stitch Fix has a wide range of sizes to accommodate just about anyone.

Common Reviews of Stitch Fix

People who try Stitch Fix seem to either love or hate the service. Most customers, however, have positive experiences buying clothes and accessories from the company.

Members who like Stitch Fix often point to the wide range of styles that the company sells. No matter what type of clothing you prefer to wear, Stitch Fix probably has items you will like. Members also like that they can communicate easily with stylists. It only takes one email to change the type of clothes that Stitch Fix sends. If you decide that you want to wear more slacks, then the stylists will include more slacks in your next box. If you think you want to try wearing more sundresses, then you will get more sundresses in your next Fix.

Positive reviews also acknowledge that Stitch Fix has sizes that can fit practically any person. This makes it a useful service throughout life. If you become pregnant, Stitch Fix can find attractive maternity wear for you. After you lose your baby weight, you can return to your normal size. If you gain or lose weight, you can always adjust your sizing with Stitch Fix without losing access to fashionable clothes.

Negative reviewers often say that they were disappointed by the styles they received in their first Fixes. Some felt that the clothing didn’t reflect their personal styles at all.

According to some sources, Stitch Fix gets better at choosing your clothes over time, so it may take a few orders before the stylists understand exactly what you want.

People who don’t plan to use Stitch Fix again also say that the company charges too much for its items. They claim that they could get better deals by shopping at thrift stores or sticking to sale racks in department stores.

Stitch Fix probably does charge more than most stores (especially discount stores), but that’s because you get a value-added service. You’re not just purchasing clothing. You’re paying a personal stylist to help you find clothes that will enliven your wardrobe. Of course, if you don’t like the clothes that Stitch Fix sends you, then you won’t feel good about paying the higher prices.

Is Stitch Fix for Me?

Buying from Stitch Fix makes sense if you want a professional stylist to help you choose new items for your wardrobe. You must understand, though, that the service costs a little more than shopping at a department store. If you aren’t willing to pay higher prices for the additional service, you should probably avoid Stitch Fix and other companies like it.

Stitch Fix is also a great option for people who don’t really know what types of clothes they should wear. The company tries to focus on your personal style, but the stylists can also make suggestions that will change the way you look. With the right clothes, you could alter your whole aesthetic.

Some people have very particular tastes in clothes. They don’t want to wear anything that falls outside a certain style. If that sounds like you, then you will probably have some troubles with Stitch Fix. If you’re willing to keep your mind open and trust an expert to choose some new garments and accessories, though, you can discover new ways to look at home, work and other places that life takes you.

Stitch Fix isn’t for meek people who want to wear the same clothing every day, but it’s a great option for people who enjoy taking chances and trying new things.

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