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What Is Vistaprint?

Vistaprint is a business that can help create photo books, business cards, and more. This organization has been around since the late 1990s, so it has had plenty of time to develop its services. Instead of expanding this service, Vistaprint has decided to stick to the basics. This approach means that practically anyone can design an attractive book using Vistaprint. Unfortunately, it also means that you have limited options when creating your book. Don’t expect to find a lot of extras. Instead, you’ll get a straightforward photo book with high-quality prints and a sturdy build.

How Does Vistaprint Photo Books Work?

Vistaprint makes it very easy to create photo books. Once you navigate to the site, you choose a layout that appeals to you. You then upload images that you want to add to your Vistaprint photo book. You can also get images from your Facebook timeline. You can choose to place one image on each page, or you choose the collage option that lets you place up to six images on each page.

Vistaprint has a very simple layout feature. Even newcomers should find it relatively easy to use. If you don’t want to spend time putting your book together, though, you can pay $5 to have someone at Vistaprint do the work for you.

Once you complete your book, Vistaprint makes your copies and sends them to you via the mail or another courier service.

Vistaprint Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your product, the Vistaprint return policy is to either reprint your product or issue an account credit to completely refund the customer. Shipping for new products will be covered by Vistaprint. To ensure requests are properly handled, Customer Support should be contacted by phone at 1-866-614-8002, email, or live chat on the Vistaprint website. Make sure you contact Vistaprint within 30 days of receiving your order.

What Makes Vistaprint Photo Books Stand Out?

Many people like Vistaprint because it charges low prices for its photo books. You can buy a basic, 20-page book for just $10 plus shipping and handling. You won’t find many companies that offer deals like that.

The prices do go up a bit depending on what you want to add to your basic photo book. Even with extras, you still get a good price. Vistaprint only charges 50 cents for each extra page that you want to add to your book. You could barely print a photo on a home printer without spending 50 cents. Vistaprint photo books keep the price low without sacrificing the quality of its product.

Common Vistaprint Reviews

Consumers have a lot of mixed emotions about photo books from Vistaprint. Many people praise the company for keeping its costs so low. Some people also point out in Vistaprint reviews that the site works well for them because they feel intimidated by design software with too many options. Vistaprint makes graphic design as easy as possible, so you can understand why those people prefer using Vistaprint.

Happy customers say that Vistaprint has friendly customer service representatives who want to solve problems. It helps that Vistaprint gives you three ways to contact customer service. It’s also nice that the company has a customer service center that stays open seven days a week. As long as you call during the right hours, you should get to speak to someone within a few minutes. No one complains of lengthy wait times.

On the other side, you have Vistaprint reviews that complain everything is kept too simple. The online software won’t let them develop creative designs that use different camera angles, image filters and a variety of materials. Instead, you get a plain book with pictures in it. While some people love this aspect, others hate it. They want to find an option that will let them get more creative. In fact, many customers say that they would rather pay higher prices if it meant getting more options.

Unfortunately, you may have to accept that Vistaprint’s low prices force the company to offer limited services and products. The publisher could give you more options, but it would have to charge more money. While some people say that they wouldn’t mind paying more, the company clearly wants to target budget-conscious consumers who like taking advantage of good deals.

Some people complain that Vistaprint often misses delivery dates. This may not matter much to you if you just want to have a book that preserves some of your favorite photographs. It will matter a lot more if you plan to give the photo books away as gifts. If you have a deadline to meet, then you should make sure that you give Vistaprint plenty of time to make your book and put it in the mail. Also, you should choose a shipping option that matches your expectations. Some people get upset when they choose the cheapest shipping option but don’t get their packages within a few days.

Are Vistaprint Photo Books for Me?

Vistaprint photo books aren’t for everyone. If you want a highly creative, professional-looking book, then you may want to try a different company. Extremely creative people who find joy in unique items probably won’t love the photo books that Vistaprint makes. Luckily, there are plenty of publishers that are willing to let you do just about anything for enough money.

On the other hand, Vistaprint is an excellent option for people who want basic photo books that don’t cost much money. You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal than the one Vistaprint gives you. If you don’t care about fancy upgrades, then you should check out Vistaprint’s photo book site to see if it’s the right option for you.

Vistaprint has found a niche audience of consumers who want to save money without sacrificing quality. Think of it as going to a nice restaurant with affordable prices instead of going to a gourmet restaurant with outrageous prices. You’ll still get a good product, you just won’t pay as much for a unique experience.

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