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What Are Amazon Home Services?

Looking for someone to help you mount your TV or assemble a complicated furniture set? Amazon has moved into the home repair service marketplace with its Amazon Home Services, which pairs you with local home repair professionals, ensuring customers have help with tasks around the house.

How Does Amazon Home Services Work?

Amazon Home Services works a lot like other service marketplaces. Professionals apply for a listing and start working with Amazon customers. For you, this can help streamline your purchasing history. There are two categories for the services offered: pre-defined services and custom requests.

Pre-Defined Services

Pre-defined services are the more run of the mill home maintenance requests. Expect to see services like appliance repair, moving, plumbing, furniture assembling, house cleaning, and other odd jobs on this list.

For example, you buy a brand new TV and need help with installation. Amazon Home Services can offer that installation at a (usually) standardized rate.

If you’re looking to put in a garden this year and don’t have time to handle the original planting, you can work with a landscaper through Amazon Home Services. All you do is use your existing account, find the service you need, answer a few quick questions and schedule the service. You don’t have to worry about selecting a contractor–Amazon does that for you. They also handle customer service complaints if something goes wrong.

Custom Requests

If you have a service that doesn’t fit into the presets already offered, you can also submit a custom request. Nearby contractors will then contact you with estimates for how much the service will cost.

How to Handle Cancellations or Poor Services

A late arrival, last-minute cancellation or poor quality service can all leave you with a partial or full refund after reporting the issue. Plus, Amazon only charges you after the service is complete, so if a professional misses their appointment, you don’t have to worry about asking for a refund–you haven’t paid yet.

Services like Select Home Warranty can actually cover a lot of home fixes and can help you pick a good professional to do the job. Check out our Select Home Warranty review to learn more.

What Makes Amazon Home Services Stand Out?

Customer Service

Amazon has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for excellent customer service. When you order something through Home Services, you get access to that same incredible customer service experience, even if the professional you work with isn’t perfect. Plus, Amazon goes the extra mile to vet and screen all of their professional applicants.

Professional Background Checks

Many marketplaces use self-reporting from their pros, but not Amazon. At Home Services, every professional offering services is vetted individually using comprehensive background checks and a look at reviews from real customers, ensuring you get the right person for home repairs.


Another big difference between Amazon and the competition is pricing. Not pricing to use the service, which is free, but the cost of services. Very few review sites offer any direct information about pricing. After all, they don’t control what a service provider will charge. Amazon does it differently. They set standard rates for standard jobs. Tasks that have routine costs and take a fairly predictable amount of time come with an estimate that is highly accurate. Avoiding a surprise bill is one big benefit to working with Amazon.

Quick and Efficient

Your request is usually handled within twenty-four hours. Afterwards, you will receive contact information for your assigned handyman to set up a date and time. You can expect things to work quickly and if communication slows, feel free to contact Amazon.

Common Amazon Home Services Reviews

Amazon Home Services reviews show a very high approval rating from customers. Even those that weren’t happy with their original service order have a positive experience with customer service. Unlike other home services companies, Amazon is very responsive to all refund requests. They may ask you to provide documentation, particularly for any damage, but if you’re owed a refund for services not rendered, Amazon has a good track record.

Their comprehensive vetting process may mean that you can’t order some services in your area, but it also means you’re less likely to have a bad experience. All Amazon professionals have continuing performance targets. Plus, you’ll only get emails for up to three days after submitting a request. That means pros have a limited window to contact you when you have a custom request.

Is Amazon Home Services for Me?

Do you have an Amazon account? If you do, you’ve probably already experienced the ease of ordering through the site. You may also have dealt with lost packages or returns. In either case, you should have a good idea of what buying on Amazon is like. Home Services is another type of Amazon product, with all of the same standards and commitment to customer satisfaction. If you have a home or a business, it’s likely that there is a service available on Amazon Home Services that you could use.

From leaky faucets to electrical issues, Home Services covers all your handyman needs. The service is typically offered per job, not hourly, so you may want to get a custom quote if you have a few items on your maintenance list. House cleaning can help clear your schedule for other important tasks and family obligations, while assembly services take the intimidation out of buying furniture and other large items online. You can even schedule computer and electronics repair for at home, so the next time your phone screen cracks or you can’t get rid of a computer virus, you can schedule a service visit through Home Services.

Amazon Home Services even has a section for businesses. From data recovery to IT security and even commercial installations, you can find a provider to help your small business. If you’re already an Amazon customer, take a look at the services available to you. Affordable pricing and top-notch professionals make Home Services useful for most people.

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