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Although some types of home automation have been around for decades, the home automation industry has grown significantly over the last few years. Wireless technology makes it possible for companies like SmartHome to sell DIY installation kits that don’t require professional services. When companies eliminate the wires, installation becomes much easier for homeowners.

The industry has also grown because more people own smart devices. Nearly every American adult has a smartphone that can control home automation hubs and devices. As people have become more comfortable with the technology, they have wanted to learn more about adding it to their homes.

SmartHome has the advantage of selling a huge selection of devices to match the needs of homeowners. Unfortunately, the company does not offer monitoring services. Homeowners who want improved security for their properties, therefore, might decide to use other companies.

How Does SmartHome Work?

SmartHome sells security and automation devices that you can install in your home. Most of the devices work wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about drilling holes or running cables through your walls. Instead, each piece of the security and automation system communicates with a central hub.

Although SmartHome sells a wide range of kits and gadgets, most of them function in the same general way. Once you install your security kit, you create a password that activates and deactivates the system. When you come through the front door, your door sensor will notice that you entered. The sensor sends a signal to the hub. If you do not input the correct password, then an alarm will sound and an alert message will get sent to you by text or email.

The same happens if someone activates a motion sensor, window sensor or camera.

The home automation components work a bit differently because they keep you in constant communication with your home. For instance, you can install a smart thermostat that lets you change your home’s temperature while you drive home from work. You can also use your mobile device to control lights, turn off appliances and lock doors.

When you get started with a SmartHome system, you may feel like the security and automation components are two separate things. The more your system grows, though, the more connected they become. Eventually, many owners come to see their SmartHome systems as an effective way to control all aspects of their homes, even when they aren’t at home.

What Makes SmartHome Stand Out?

SmartHome stands out by focusing on the desires of people who are interested in home automation as well as home security. You won’t find many stores that sell such a diverse range of security and automation devices. At SmartHome, you can buy automation gadgets for your lights, appliances, door locks, thermostats, home theaters and more.

SmartHome sells products from several manufacturers. As you browse the catalog, though, you may notice that the company has a lot of devices from the Insteon brand. Up until 2012, Insteon and SmartHome operated under the same name. The owner created two companies so one could concentrate on developing innovative devices while they other focused on selling products to consumers.

Common Reviews of SmartHome

SmartHome predominantly receives positive reviews from its customers. Many positive reviews mention how easy it is to install SmartHome’s home automation and security devices. Even people with little to no experience find that they can install their devices by following clear instructions. Owners who have problems getting their systems to work properly say that the user forum and customer service line provide all of the help necessary.

A lot of customers also talk about SmartHome’s affordability. To some extent, this comes from the company’s willingness to sell individual devices as well as home automation kits. Beginners can spend a few hundred dollars on kits that introduce them to home automation. If they like the products, then they can slowly start to add more adventurous features. Eventually, they may add enough devices to control their homes’ temperature, lights, stereo, security cameras and television.

Of course, SmartHome also receives negative reviews from unhappy customers. Negative reviews usually focus on shipping delays and missing packages. If you do not receive your order from SmartHome within 10 business days, you should contact the company.

Is SmartHome for You?

SmartHome has a lot of positive features that many homeowners enjoy. With that said, it isn’t the right option for everyone. You will probably like buying from SmartHome if you take a DIY approach to life. If you have fun putting electronics together, then you will enjoy installing your kit from SmartHome.

SmartHome is also a good option for homeowners who want to expand their home automation systems over time. You don’t have to spend a lot of money up front to get started. Instead, you can purchase an affordable kit and expand on it as your budget allows. The company has such a large catalog that you can find any item you want for your home automation system.

Of course, not everyone has an interest in home automation. Some homeowners want security systems that keep their properties safe. SmartHome can sell you home security devices, but it does not offer monitoring services. At best, you can set up your system to send you an alert when someone breaks into your home. You can then contact the police for assistance. Other companies that dedicate themselves to home security usually contact the police for you, which could provide a shorter response time.

If you’re interested in home security and automation, then SmartHome is a good company to know about. Even if you decide to use another company, you will learn a lot from reviewing SmartHome’s catalog of products. Once you see how many items the company sells, you may feel that other home automation and security suppliers can’t give you anything beyond basic features.

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