UberEats Review

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While UberEats has its fair share of dissatisfied users, the app itself is beautiful. Open the app to order food and you’ll be greeted by a beautiful, scrolling menu (including photos) of available dishes from your favorite restaurants, and a simple search bar that allows you to narrow your query according to restaurant or cuisine. Users love that these photos aren’t stock photos and that they actually represent a restaurant’s offerings.

Once you order food, you’ll be able to track its route to you. While UberEats doesn’t tell users which route the driver will take to reach them, it’s possible to follow the driver as they make their way along the delivery route, and access updated delivery time estimates throughout.

How Does UberEats Work?

UberEats is pretty similar to other food-delivery apps in that it allows users to open the app; search according to dish, food type or location; access full menus; and place orders (and add-ons). Once the food order has been placed, UberEats offers an Uber-like tracking method, simple interfaces, driver information and reviews.

Once the food arrives, UberEats sends the user a push notification and the user is required to go outside to receive the food from the driver. At that point, users can leave reviews for their drivers, save order information and pre-place additional orders for later delivery.

Why do People Like it?

UberEats is beautiful, sleek, easy to use and available in most major cities (and languages) throughout the world. In this sense, it’s much more accessible than other apps like GrubHub, which is only available in U.S. cities and in English.

That said, however, UberEats is plagued by customer-service issues, and it’s difficult to resolve order problems should something go wrong. It is, however, much less expensive than many local, third-party delivery services, and is generally fast and accurate.

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