SkyBlue Credit Repair Review

SkyBlue Credit Repair is one of the top credit repair services because of its affordable price, effective services and superior customer service. If you are looking to talk to SkyBlue directly, you can call (888) 534-1510.

SkyBlue Credit Repair: Overall

Best for: People who want to repair their credit without the extra bells and whistles, as well as great customer service.

Pros: Cheap price, personal customer service, great customer feedback.

Cons: No credit monitoring or other extras.

SkyBlue Credit Repair: Price

SkyBlue has one of the more affordable prices when it comes to credit repair services. It has only one basic plan that will run you $59 to start and $59 a month after that. The plan can be cancelled at any time, which is a good feature to have.

SkyBlue Credit Repair: Features

Since SkyBlue Credit Repair only offers a basic plan, the service doesn’t include a lot of the bells and whistles that other credit repair services offer, like credit report monitoring or integrated online tools. SkyBlue specializes in basic credit repair, such as fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be.

SkyBlue Credit Repair: Reputation

SkyBlue is one of the most trusted credit repair services, both from industry experts and former customers. SkyBlue holds an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (the highest rating of any credit repair service) and the most positive user reviews from across the Internet.

SkyBlue Credit Repair: Guarantee

SkyBlue’s greatest asset is its 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service at anytime within 90 days of starting, you can get a full refund. Most other credit repair services don’t offer similar guarantees, and if they do, it is usually only for 30 or 60 days.

SkyBlue Credit Repair: User Reviews

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  • Guarantee


  • I tried to use lexington first and they just seemed to be dragging things out so I switched to sky blue and they were awesome, they felt really personal. Really recommend sky blue.

  • Great review of Sky Blue Credit guys. We are going to give them a try.

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