Priceline Review

Priceline is a great option for last minute travel, especially when using the price negotiator or bidding option. Unsold hotels rooms tend to drop in price when you get closer to your travel date.

Priceline: Overall

Best for: Naming your own price.

Pros: Great for bargain hunters who are willing to gamble a bit and like the process of bidding.

Cons: Pricing isnt very straight forward, which can be confusing.

Priceline: How It Works

Priceline can be a bargain hunter’s best friend, if you are willing to gamble. While it offers the traditional search engine approach, it also offers a Name Your Price option. This allows travelers to bid on hotels, flights, and rental cars. The catch? While you can specify the hotel rating or rental car type you wont know the brand until your price is accepted.

Priceline: Price Guarantee

Yes, Priceline has a price guarantee. If you find a lower price, Priceline will refund you 100% of the difference. If you find a better price on an express deal, Priceline will refund you 200% of the difference.

Priceline: Best Feature

The Name Your Own Price tool is a great option, and can save you up to 40% on hotels. If you choose to bid on rental cars and your bid is accepted you can still cancel your reservation.

Priceline: Selection

Priceline covers reservations for hotels, flights, local events and travel packages. Unlike sites like TripAdvisor and Trivago, Priceline only offers its own deals on reservations instead of aggregating deals from across the web, so you dont always know if you are getting the best deal.

Priceline: User Reviews

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