4 Tips For a Successful Experience With Online Personal Training

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An estimated 67% of gym memberships go unused. Members may feel excited about getting in shape at first, but they soon lose interest. Unfortunately, fitness centers make it difficult to get out of contracts, which means members continue spending money month after month for services they don’t use.

Online personal training offers an alternative to gym memberships. Joining a fitness site doesn’t automatically move that you’ll reach your goals, though. Follow these four tips for a successful experience with online personal training.

Choose a Program With Workouts That Interest You

Online personal training programs usually offer a variety of exercise options. Some of the programs, however, focus on making specific types of content. YogaVibes, for instance, focuses on exercise content for people who like yoga. Franklin’s iBodyFit makes online workouts specifically for women.

Sites like Grokker, however, offer a wider range of content, including videos about HIIT, Pilates, meditation, and healthy eating.

Explore several programs so you can choose one that matches your interests.

Find a Program for Your Current Fitness Level

If you haven’t exercised in a while, then you don’t want to join a demanding program designed for experienced amateur athletes. Then again, if you already exercise a lot, then you don’t want to join a program designed for newbies.

Choose a program that meets your fitness level. Otherwise, you’ll get discouraged and lose interest.

Take Advantage of Free Trials

Most online personal training programs offer free trial periods that let you sample their videos without spending any money. Take advantage of these offers to get a feel for which programs you like most.

The lengths of free trials vary from program to program. Daily Burn gives you a 30-day trial. YogaVibes has a 15-day trial. Grokker gives you a two-week free trial.

Get Your Friends Involved

Many people say that they stop going to the gym because they don’t have time. Hitting the gym, after all, requires more than just exercising. You have to pack your gym bag, drive to the gym, wait in line for popular equipment, and drive home after your workout.

Online videos make it easier to exercise, but a lot of people still find it difficult to make daily exercise a habit. Getting your friends involved increases the likeliness that you will follow through with your workout plan. Schedule a time for your workout buddies to come over. When you have a social commitment, you’ll stick to your plan.

You have plenty of options when choosing an online personal training program. Explore those options to choose one that fits your fitness level and interests so you can meet your health goals.

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