4 Ways to Read Ebooks for Free

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If you love to read, ebooks have become a great resource over the last several years. There are many titles available online that can be conveniently stored on a computer, tablet, kindle, or other device without the need to worry about storage space or old books creating clutter. What is even better is the fact that many classic titles, new releases, and other engaging works can be found online for free. Ebook readers such as the Kindle Paperwhite, Nook Glowlight Plus, and Kobo Glow HD tend to be best for using these free books.

Free Classic Works

Sites such as Project Gutenberg and Read Print offer a number of works that are either old enough to no longer be copyrighted or have certain types of licenses that make them free to the public. For someone who has never been exposed to important literary figures like Shakespeare or timeless stories like Don Quixote, you can easily download and read them off of these archives.

Open Library

This is a project similar to Wikipedia, but for books. Open Library is a non-profit organization that wants to become an archive of every work ever published. They allow users to borrow up to five titles at once for two weeks each and they also offer some books that can be read online for free without having to borrow.


This is a borrowing system that is paired with local schools and libraries. OverDrive users only need to have a library card, then they have access to a number of ebooks and other formats that are available through the app. This is convenient because users do not have to physically go anywhere to borrow or return materials. The app essentially condenses all of the resources of your local brick and mortar library into your phone. Check out this list of ebooks that are library-friendly.

Kindle Unlimited

While there is a subscription fee for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, it tends to be cheaper than purchasing one physical copy of a book each month. They also offer the first month for free, meaning you can read some books and cancel if you truly want to try this service without paying. Kindle Unlimited offers over a million titles, but many popular authors and publishers do not participate in the program, so it can be beneficial to browse the available titles before signing up.

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