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Bitdefender is one of the leading antivirus software services in the world. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of security tools to make sure its software has the newest protections against all kinds of viruses and software, making it an easy choice for maximum protection

How Does Bitdefender Work?

Bitdefender has so many cool features, it seems like a waste of time to go over the basics of its antivirus software protection, so here they are in a nutshell: Bitdefender, after an easy install, scans your computer for viruses and malware. After the initial scan, you can schedule it to run scans as often as you like to protect against future infection. All the tools Bitdefender includes will also work to keep viruses and malware off of your computer, and keep hackers away from your personal information.

Now on to the cool features of Bitdefender that go beyond the basics:

WiFi Security Advisor: This tool will scan WiFi signals that you are trying to connect to in order to make sure those signals are safe.

Ransomware protection: Ransomware is a growing issue when it comes to computer safety. What is Ransomware? It basically is a form of malware that hackers use to try to get on your computer so they can remotely hijack it from you and force you to pay to get it back. Bitdefender’s ransomware protection will alert you to any ransomware attacks and help you protect your files and data, and get your computer back without you having to pay.

SafePay: One of the easiest ways for hackers to access important information for identity theft is from online transactions you make from your devices. Bitdefender has SafePay, which allows you to make online transactions in a secure browser environment so that hackers can’t gain access to your personal and banking information.

AutoPilot: Bitdefender was one of the first security software services to really up its game when it comes to performance. Its AutoPilot tool has been around for years, for good reason. It keeps Bitdefender running silently in the background and will only disturb you when there is a real threat, which is perfect for gamers or those who hate annoying antivirus pop-ups.

Photon: Photon is another performance tool from Bitdefender. It works with the hardware and software on your personal device to make sure everything is optimized and your computer processing is running at its most efficient, so you have fast processing speeds.

Most of these features are only offered on Bitdefender’s Internet Security and Total Security products, so that is something to keep in mind when looking at which product to buy.

Can I Trust Bitdefender?

Bitdefender has been one of the top names in the antivirus software field for many years, so it’s a name you can trust. In addition to being at the forefront of innovation in antivirus technology, it also consistently scores high in all independent testing.

Protection: You will be hard-pressed to find a time when Bitdefender has not scored a 6 out of 6 from AV-Test’s independent protection tests. These tests are used to determine how effective antivirus software is at protecting devices from a wide range of viruses and malware. Bitdefender always shines brightest during these independent tests.

Performance: Performance has always been an important piece of the protection puzzle for Bitdefender. With its custom tools like AutoPilot and Photon, it is not a surprise that Bitdefender also scored a 6 out of 6 from AV-Test’s performance testing.

Common Bitdefender Reviews

Bitdefender is one of the few antivirus software services that get rave reviews from both professional reviewers and users.

Professional consumer product review sites generally rank Bitdefender in the top spot or spot No. 2, often with big names like Norton or Kaspersky taking the top spot. All the reviewers, however, agree that Bitdefender is a great all-around service that provides solid protection and excellent performance with a slew of features that others don’t provide.

Users also generally like Bitdefender. Out of more than 2,000 user reviews on the consumer review site Trustpilot, which validates its reviewers as actual customers, Bitdefender received 4 out of 5 stars, which is unusual for an antivirus software service. Many of these give actual examples of how Bitdefender protected their computer.

Is Bitdefender Right For You?

Yes. Bitdefender has one of the best protection and performance scoring of any of the antivirus software, as well as some of the most advanced features when it comes to protection, which makes it a great fit for anyone. Coupled with the fact that it is priced consistently with all the other top-named security software services should make it any easy choice.

The only thing to consider is whether you only want antivirus protection, since many of the advanced tools don’t come with the basic service, and there are other antivirus software services that either offer more features or a cheaper price.

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