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Kaspersky has had a long history as a high-quality internet security and antivirus software program. It consistently gets top marks from independent testing services on both its performance and protection capabilities, and always seems to be on the cutting edge when it comes to new features and extras to help protect any number of devices. This is what puts Kaspersky above the rest of the antivirus field.

How Does Kaspersky Work?

Kaspersky offers several different products with several different services, but we’ll try to break down the basics of what it offers and some of the key features that set it apart from other antivirus software.

To start, Kaspersky does what pretty much every other antivirus software does: protect your computer from viruses and malware attacks. It starts by running scans of your device to make sure there are no existing viruses or malware that might be affecting it. If the scan finds issues, Kaspersky software will either take care of the threat or alert you to it and give you instructions on how to get rid of it.

The second wave of protection comes from keeping new viruses and software from invading your devices. You can set up Kaspersky to run scans as frequently as you wish, but if you don’t, it will automatically run its own scans. Kaspersky will also monitor your online activity to make sure you aren’t downloading items that might have viruses or going to sites that might contaminate your device.

Kaspersky, as a company, also does a great job of keeping up with new viruses and malware that may be affecting devices around the world. The software is constantly updating to make sure you have the latest protections against new viruses and malware.

Some cool features Kaspersky offers in addition to basic protection:

Easy-to-use: Kaspersky likes to keep things as simple as possible. The interface is easy to understand so you can quickly modify the settings to better protect you based on how you use your device. If you need more webcam protection, you can adjust that. Have kids and want to protect them? Add parental controls into the mix. The fact that it is easily customizable makes it a great choice for everyday users.

Data protection: One of the main things that people want to protect nowadays is their data and personal information. Kaspersky offers a whole suite of data protection services, including password manager, data backup, banking website verification and a tracking blocker.

Extra scans: Kaspersky also includes some extra scans to make sure viruses and malware are not getting into your device from unusual places. The software will automatically scan emails and instant messages to make sure no one is sending you malicious items. It will also scan USB drives that are connected to the computer to make sure there are no viruses on them.

Invisibility: One of the things Kaspersky prides itself on is great performance. By that, we mean the software can run in the background of your device without affecting the speed or load time of applications or the computer. The software also works in stealth mode, so it won’t interrupt games or work with annoying messages about updates or issues, unless it is important, like a new virus detection.

Multi-device protection: Kaspersky will protect all of your devices to make sure you are safe, including your tablet and mobile phone. A lot of times, you end up having to buy three separate products for each of your devices, so this is a nice perk for anyone who constantly wants to be connected and feel safe.

Most of these features are only offered on Kaspersky’s Internet Security and Total Security products, so that is something to keep in mind when looking at which product to buy.

Can I Trust Kaspersky?

This is always a good question to ask about your antivirus software. Luckily, there are independent firms that test antivirus software to see how effective they are at protecting your devices. One of the main testing agencies is AV-Test, which we find to be the most comprehensive. The most recent tests from AV-Test show great scores for both protection and performance from Kaspersky.

Protection: AV-Test gave Kaspersky 6 out of 6 for protection in the most recent round of testing. What does this mean? AV-Test basically throws a battery of tests at each antivirus software to see which products kept the devices the safest, or blocked the most viruses and malware. It then gives them a score, from 0 to 6, based on the results. A 6 out of 6 is obviously a perfect score for Kaspersky when it comes to protection.

Performance: AV-Test does a similar test for performance, where it looks at how much the software slows down or impedes the normal function of the device. Kaspersky’s 6 out of 6 score basically means that the software runs silently in the background without slowing down your device’s processing speed.

Common Kaspersky Reviews

Kaspersky is a big name in the antivirus world, so generally, they are ranked pretty high when it comes to online reviews, generally in the first or second spot. Places like PCMag and Cnet generally give Kaspersky four to five stars, depending on the iteration of the software.

User reviews are actually mixed on Kaspersky, which seems to come from people with varying backgrounds of computer use. Those who have good experience with computers generally give Kaspersky rave reviews about protection and performance. Those who are less experienced often find issues with the installation process and getting Kaspersky to walk them through it. We have independently reviewed Kaspersky’s customer service several times and find it to be helpful, but it can get frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing.

Is Kaspersky Right For You?

Kaspersky has three different products that are suited for a variety of people, so the question isn’t so much if Kaspersky is right for you, but rather which one is right for you. Really, it comes down to what you need and how much you are willing to spend.

Kaspersky Antivirus: If you have one computer and don’t feel like protecting your phone, you can get Kaspersky Antivirus and it will protect against viruses and malware.

Kaspersky Internet Security: If you have multiple devices and are looking for a little more protection and some extra features, go with Internet Security.

Kaspersky Total Security: If you want total protection for all of your devices, with all the high-end features, Total Security is the way to go.

If you are looking for a free or low-cost version of something like Total Security, they do exist, but they often don’t offer the same quality or features. That being said, if you are pretty smart about your online activity and generally keep yourself pretty safe, you may not need the extremes when it comes to protection and can go with a lower-cost option.

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