The Best Personal Loan Providers Have This In Common

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More folks are taking out personal loans than ever before. With the turbulent economic climate and rising defaults in credit card and student payments, personal loans help alleviate the tension and stress of financial hardships and difficulties. However, with so many personal loan providers available, how does one make the right choice? According to industry experts, here are some constants and commons that will help you make a worthwhile and informed decision:

· Low interest rates and simple and user-friendly terms.

· Flexible repayment terms from the best personal loan lenders on the market today.

· Easy online applications, dedicated loan officers, 24/7 customer service and providers with great industry and customer reviews.

The best personal loan providers should also be committed to excellence in meeting all your needs. They should also offer a myriad of loan and borrowing options, along with stellar communications and services designed for short-term or long-term financial hardship loan request. Here are some of the top-rated loan providers in the industry today.


SoFi is an industry-leading personal finance company. With great services and low rates, they offer persona loans, mortgage and student loan refinancing. As a modern finance institution, SoFi stays abreast of all the latest market trends and developments. SoFi also offers wealth management services, along with flexible repayment terms and dedicated loan and customer service reps. Read our SoFi review.


Like SoFi, Upstart is an online lender that specializes in all types of personal loans. They also feature the best loans from the best lenders, and offer lower interest rates. Upstart is rated Number One across several loan review sites, and are committed to providing the top services for borrowers looking for quick and convenient online applications, With zero penalties for pre—payments and competitive terms and fees, Upstart continue to help folks with poor credit that need timely loans.


Prosper Loans provides unsecured personal loans of up to $40,000. This includes loan for debt consolidation, home renovations, large purchases or life events. They are also known for simple fixed terms, easy online applications, and no surprise rate hikes or payment increases.

Avant Lending

Avant Lending offers personal loans for borrowers with low credit scores. They also offer loans for borrowers that need money for essential expenses. With top-rated lenders, low rates, and easy online application with expedited approvals – Avant Lending is committed to excellence in helping folks dealing with financial and cash flow issues.

Lending Club

Lending Club offers personal loans for folks with established financial histories and responsible borrowing records. They too feature low rates, established lenders and top-rated loans with easy online applications. However, these loans are geared towards borrowers with good credit scores and stable credit ratings as well.

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