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Voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) is designed to streamline and centralize client and P2P communications. In fact, VoIP is now a permanent staple across countless industries and online digital communication platforms. Similarly, VoIP is truly a cost-effective solution to pricier, bulkier and traditional business phone systems.

Here are some of the features of VoIP, which eradicate the need of having conventional land-based lines for in-house and external business correspondences:

  • VoIP platforms ensure crisp, clear audio and video features for customer and employee communications.
  • These apps and/or software feature call waiting, call forwarding, instant messaging and even chat-based customer services for clients.
  • VoIP increases productivity and performance across your business department. These systems can be used daily by in-house teams, IT support and even employees in remote workplaces.
  • VoIP utilizes cloud and Internet technologies to communicate with clients, customers and workers daily. This eliminates the need for having traditional phone lines, which are expensive to host and facilitate in this day and age.
  • VoIP also requires little maintenance and downtime, and secures constant connections and communications even in inclement weather conditions.

With this in mind, here are some best VoIP providers in the industry today.


Vonage features VoIP services that transform your phones into digital calling solutions. By simply tapping into your high-speed Internet services, they can easily replace your traditional copper phone lines. VoIP includes advanced calling features, such as Vonage Visual Voicemail. This artificial intelligence (A.I.) tool converts voice messages into readable text for your e-mails.

Vonage Extensions also allow employees and teams to make and receive domestic and international calls from clients. This world-renowned company can even keep your existing phone numbers, while securing crystal clear audio and video communications for your business.


Ooma allows users to stay connected at the home or office. With high-end digital communications platforms, here are some of the amenities associated with Ooma business telephony systems:

· Ooma Linx connects all your in-house and remote employees for optimal client – customer – P2P connections.

· Ooma VoIP apps can turn your smartphone into a business phone 24/7. This ensures a comprehensive and cohesive communications platform.

· Ooma VoIP is as easy as plugging into your router and phone. Similarly, they have apps for your mobile phones, laptops and desktops as well.


PhonePower VoIP helps save businesses up to 50-66% on your business phone bill. With Caller ID, Call Waiting, and video chat features, PhonePower is one of the top VoIP providers in the industry today.


Lingo offers unified communications for businesses of all sizes. With plans starting at $19.99 and 24/7 VoIP customer service and support, Lingo continues to soar in global popularity. With an emphasis on efficient IP-based cloud, voice and data – their VoIP plans are perfect for companies that need affordable business communications systems.

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