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How Does Drop Work?

In its early days, the Drop app was only available by referral to those living in the United States. However, it is now available to the general public. To reward people from all walks of life, but especially those who are least likely to possess large numbers of credit cards, the Drop app offers cash rewards to all of its users, no matter how they choose to pay for their goods and services. Rather, it rewards those using both credit and debit cards equally. Particularly, Drop users earn $1.00 in rewards for every 1,000 points earned. Users can also earn points by redeeming in-app offers and bonuses when they are available.

Here are the options for earning points on the Drop app:

  • Shop: Users can earn points by shopping via the Drop app, or by using a card that is linked to the app in stores.
  • Surveys: Users can also earn points by sharing their opinions via surveys that are offered on the app.
  • Games: Users also earn points when they download and play games that are being promoted by the app.
  • Invite Friends: Users can earn points by sending specialized links requesting that others download and use the app; When users click the link and download the app, the points are added to the user’s account.

Once users have earned enough to receive a gift card, they receive an email notification letting them know they can redeem their points.

Is Drop Legitimate?

Although no app is perfect, based on my own personal experiences, Drop is 100% legitimate. You can use it to shop at participating retailers and they deliver your points and rewards as promised.

What Makes Drop Stand Out?

As mentioned, unlike some other most popular cash reward platforms, Drop allows users to earn money on both credit and debit cards. This is great news for those who may have been excluded from other platforms for using their debit cards. Also, although users are limited in terms of the number of merchants they can earn points from, they are able to choose the merchants. Each of the merchants offers different cash reward rates and users are able to see the present rates when they choose which merchants to work with.

Common Drop Reviews

Generally speaking, the reviews for the Drop app are decent. However, I noticed that there seems to be a very huge discrepancy between the experience that android users are having versus iPhone users. On the one hand, the overall rating of the Drop app on the Google Play store is 2.8. Most of the users have complaints about technical difficulties such as not receiving reward points for special offers, malfunctioning Google extensions and so on.

On the other hand, the rating for Drop on the Apple App Store is 4.6 and the reviews are mixed. While some seem to love the app, others expressed disappointment because of the inconsistency of the app, malfunctioning upgrades, etc. It would seem that people are enjoying the features of the app, but there are some kinks that need to be ironed out before the app is fully functional.

Is Drop for Me?

If you are the type that enjoys using cash reward platforms and doesn’t mind including your financial information to do so, this app may be great for you. However, it does seem that there are some glitches and technical difficulties that may need to be worked through before the app can be fully enjoyed. Since there are plenty of people who are using the app on the regular basis, one can safely assume that these issues are not constant and many people are receiving their rewards and have included Drop in their virtual wallets and everyday lives.

Personally speaking, I see no harm in trying it. The app appears to be just as secure as other similar apps and who doesn’t like free money? So, while this app may not be for everyone, with a little patience and effort, this can be a great app to allow you to earn a few bucks for spending your own money at the places you love.

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