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If you’re looking for ways to earn some extra cash, don’t overlook GetUpside. This free cashback app can help you get money back for the things you buy daily at grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. You can earn even more with the excellent referral program, too.

How Does GetUpside Work?

GetUpside is very easy to use. You just need to download the free app and setup your account, which generally only takes a few moments. From there, getting cashback is as easy as checking the app for participating retailers in your area to compare gas and grocery prices.

With GetUpside, you can get up to:

  • 25 cents per gallon back on gas
  • 35% back on restaurant purchases
  • 15% back on grocery purchases

When you make a purchase, simply scan your receipt and GetUpside will do the rest. The cashback will appear in your account within 24 to 48 hours. You can then withdraw the money right away, with no minimum. You get to choose if you want the money via check, PayPal, or a gift card.

You can even combine GetUpside cashback with other coupons, loyalty programs, and cashback programs to maximize the money you get back.

Is GetUpside Legitimate?

GetUpside is a legitimate service, giving people an easy way to earn substantial cash back on their purchases. Many businesses partner with GetUpside because it incentivizes savvy shoppers to patron their stores.

Common GetUpside Reviews

There are very few complaints about GetUpside, with an average of 4.76 out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau. The company was founded in 2016 and appears to have a solid reputation ever since. There are occasional complaints, mostly pertaining to users who say they didn’t get an advertised sign-up bonus, but no major concerns about the company.

Is GetUpside for Me?

Deciding whether or not GetUpside is the right fit for you really comes down to your location. With GetUpside being free and easy to use, those looking to get cashback will find it’s a great tool — so long as it’s available in your location. You can checkout GetUpside’s website or download the app to see what retailers participate in the program in your area.

If there are participating retailers nearby who you foresee yourself using in the future, it’s a great idea to download GetUpside. Just remember to scan your receipt whenever you make a purchase and the app will do the rest for you, allowing you to earn substantial cash back on your everyday purchases. Plus, if you have friends who you think would use GetUpside, you can refer them to earn cash back on their gas purchases, too!

There’s really no reason not to use GetUpside for those who find it to be an option in their local area. Suppose there are no local retailers currently participating in the app. In that case, it’s also worth checking back again in the future as new retailers are added all the time and GetUpside offers such a solid cashback program that it’s truly worth making this app part of your shopping routine.

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