Honey Review

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How Does Honey Work?

To use the app or extension, you must first either download it to your computer or phone. You can choose to use the app on its own, or via Facebook or email to gain access to all the app has to offer. As mentioned, Honey is an app that works in the background while you shop on your computer or mobile phone.

Whenever you venture onto a site that is affiliated with the app, you will get notifications that will let you know there are coupons available or that you may be able to get cashback if you are signed up for Honey Gold. Keep in mind that Honey is not offered on all shopping sites. So, if you don’t receive any notifications from the app, they are likely not affiliated with the platform.

If there are coupons available, the Honey app will let you know. You can then choose to try coupons to see which one gives you the lowest price. Also, if you are on sites such as Amazon, you may be alerted to the fact that you can find the item cheaper on another site or that another seller has the item for cheaper.

Is Honey Legitimate?

Although some people seem to be skeptical of apps that help users save money for free, I can tell you firsthand, that the app is 100 percent legit. While it certainly has its issues and glitches, using this app can definitely help you find and use coupons, as well as find the best price for items you are shopping for.

What Makes Honey Stand Out?

The principal thing that makes Honey stand out is how it helps people save money. Not only does it provide you with a list of coupons that can be applied to your cart, but it also allows you to compare prices and save items to see if the price gets lowered.

Common Honey Reviews

Generally speaking, the reviews for the Honey app are relatively good. However, they are somewhat lower on the Google Play Store as opposed to the Apple Store. On Google Play, the overall rating is 3.6, while the overall rating on the Apple Store is 4.7. Either way, the general consensus seems to be that people love the features of the app and that it makes shopping easier and more convenient while allowing them to save money. However, there have been some glitches reported. For instance, some state that they have issues getting the extension to work on certain sites, and there are many reviews on the android app that state the app is constantly experiencing technical issues.

Is Honey for Me?

As with all risks that include and collect your personal details, there is a risk of hacking and other cyber issues. However, I would say that this app is great for anyone who uses other similar apps, as this app is as secure as all comparable apps. Moreover, while it may take some patients in terms of technical glitches, expired coupons, etc., it is totally worth using. It helps you save money and also offers cashback to anyone who signs up for Honey Gold.

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