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Sprint Mobile is one of the nation’s largest wireless service providers, routinely scoring in the top three across five different categories. With excellent service and some of the most affordable prices available, Sprint is a solid choice for cell phone service.

How Does Sprint Mobile Work?

Switching to Sprint Mobile is fairly straightforward. If you own a Sprint-compatible device, you can activate it online at the Sprint website with a new service plan or visit a retail location. If you don’t already own a compatible device, you can always buy one.

Sprint offers phones on its website and even has online-only pricing, so you should always check the website before making a purchase. Sprint phones are available at many big box stores and electronics stores, so you can test them out in person before choosing your new device.

When you’ve decided on a new device, you can choose your plan and get started. Either buy the phone and activate it directly with Sprint via phone, chat, in-store or using the site, or have the retailer handle the activation. Just make sure you get any special price discounts that are available, like free activation or no upgrade fee. Getting started usually only takes a few minutes, and if you buy in a store, you’ll walk out with a working phone.

What Makes Sprint Stand Out?

Sprint offers a solid coverage network and affordable pricing. The combination is what makes Sprint one of the most recognized names in mobile service. Plus, Sprint is one of the most reliable options for talk and text, so if you don’t need lightning-fast data, it’s a solid choice. Why pay more to get speed you don’t need?

Sprint has dramatically improved its data speeds over the last few years and has more expansion plans in the works. As it grows its data infrastructure, you may see speeds improve, making it a true contender for the top two spots in wireless, along with affordable pricing.

Common Reviews of Sprint

Sprint reviews tend to focus on the slow data as a big downside, but for most users, the discounted price and reliable text and calling, along with more and more accessible Wi-Fi service, make it a reliable selection.

Negative consumer reviews tend to focus on a specific instance, not general phone service. Billing is a constant issue, which plagues all wireless service providers. None of them score well on consumer review sites focused on customer service issues, but many, including Sprint, enjoy positive reviews when talking about service.

Can I Get Deals on Sprint Mobile’s Site?

Sprint continually updates its product offerings to include new phones, new plans and a ton of accessories. When you shop for a plan or device online, you can often get some really great prices by buying direct. For example, you can save up to 50 percent on a lease agreement when you shop online. You might also get a BOGO offer if the company is running a special on a particular new phone.

Other offers might include fee waivers that need verification. If you want an employee discount, you’ll need to verify your employment through the site. Sure, you might have to wait a few days for a phone to ship when you buy online, but you might also get some fairly big discounts.

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