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Hiring a personal shopper used to cost too much for the average person. Companies like Trunk Club make it affordable for everyday consumers to get fashion advice from experts.

How Does Trunk Club Work?

Trunk Club has a simple process that lets you choose garments and accessories that you will love. When you sign up for the service, you answer some basic questions about your style preferences, body shape and size. A short while later, a professional stylist will call to talk more about the types of clothing that you would like to see in your Trunk.

Your personal shopper should have enough information to select items that you want to add to your wardrobe. Once he or she makes your Trunk, you have 48 hours to review the items. You can disapprove of any item that you don’t want in your Trunk. Your specialist can then replace it with a new item that you might like.

After you approve your Trunk’s selections, Trunk Club ships your clothing to you. You have five days to try on your clothes and decide whether you want to purchase them. Having five days means that you can wear your clothes in a variety of environments before purchasing them. When you shop in a store, you can only evaluate the clothes by looking in the dressing room mirror. With Trunk Club, you get to see how the clothes make you look at home, at work and other areas of your life.

Keep the items that you want to keep from your Trunk. Put the remaining clothes back in the box and use the provided shipping label to send the unwanted items back to Trunk Club.

Trunk Club charges a $25 styling fee for each box that you receive. The fee gets waived if you have a Nordstrom credit card. If you purchase any of the items in your Trunk, then Trunk Club will apply the $25 to your purchase amount.

What Makes Trunk Club Stand Out?

Trunk Club’s excellent member services help it stand out from other online fashion companies. In most cases, companies have you fill out questionnaires online to create your style profile. Trunk Club takes an extra step by having a personal stylist call to chat about your fashion preferences. The professional stylist may have recommendations that you have never thought of trying. Once you receive your garment, you can decide whether your stylist was right. If you don’t like the recommendation, then you just send the item back.

Trunk Club also encourages its members to stay in contact with their stylists. Sending a simple email can get you a new list of recommendations for your wardrobe. The more your stylist learns about you, the better he or she will get at choosing clothes you want to wear.

Common Reviews of Trunk Club

Trunk Club receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from its members. Most members love the personal attention that they get from their stylists. Since many people have never had someone help them shop, they suddenly discover that a professional can introduce them to new fashion options that emphasize their best features.

Trunk Club members also like that they can stay in contact with their personal stylists. Your account doesn’t get handed off to a generic stylist after you join Trunk Club. Instead, you get to exchange information with the same professional. This leads to better customer services and better clothing options in every Trunk.

The most important thing is that most Trunk Club members enjoy the garments and accessories that they receive. The stylists at Trunk Club know how to choose fashions that match each member’s preferences. The stylists will also push you a little to try new things. That’s a wonderful aspect of Trunk Club, especially for people who have gotten stuck in fashion ruts and need someone to show them new ways to dress.

Despite how much some people love Trunk Club, others say that they’ve had problems with the company. A handful of plus-sized customers say that they were misled by their stylists. According to these negative reviews, their stylists promised that they could find custom-fitted clothes. When the Trunks arrived, though, few of the garments fit properly.

Trunk Club gets most of its clothing and accessories from Nordstrom. In fact, Nordstrom owns Trunk Club. Nordstrom has a diverse collection of clothing for men and women. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to pay the prices that Nordstrom charges. Members who haven’t shopped at Nordstrom before may feel shocked by the high price of Trunk Club’s clothing. Those who didn’t expect to find $200 shirts in their Trunks were unhappy with their experience. Disappointed customers can always send the clothes back, but they get stuck with the $25 styling charge.

Is Trunk Club for Me?

Trunk Club is designed for people who want a little help finding fashionable items. If you want a styling service that only costs $25, then you may want to become a Trunk Club member. Most people who sign up for the service have positive things to say about the company.

Trunk Club may not work well for you, though, if you want to save money on clothes. Although Trunk Club charges fair prices for its items, some people will find the prices too high. If you’re living on a tight budget, then this probably isn’t the best option for you.

As long as you have enough money to spare and you want fashionable clothes, Trunk Club is a good stylist service that you should try.

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