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Unlimited is a membership option for women who use Rent the Runway. The Unlimited plan lets members exchange items as frequently as they want, so they have a wardrobe that constantly changes.

There are a lot of online companies that offer services similar to those from Rent the Runway’s Unlimited membership. Few of them, however, let you rent the types of clothes that you would wear to formal occasions. With Unlimited, you gain access to dresses and other items from some of the world’s most respected fashion houses. That means you can get the perfect outfit for a job interview, wedding or date. Once you’re done with the clothes, you just exchange them for new options that you will love wearing.

How Does Unlimited Work?

Unlimited is a straightforward clothing rental service. After you sign up for an Unlimited membership, you get to choose three pieces at a time from Rent the Runway’s catalog. Garments available via Unlimited come from more than 450 designers, so you can find something that matches your personal style.

Once you receive the package containing your garments, you can keep them for as long as you want, assuming that you keep paying your monthly subscription fee. When you get tired of one or more of the items, you put it in a bag and ship it back to Rent the Runway. Unlimited members get free shipping both ways.

After Rent the Runway receives your items, you can browse the website to choose even more clothes. If you want fashion advice, you can consult one of the stylists who works for Rent the Runway. They can help you discover options that you might not have considered otherwise.

As an Unlimited member, you never have to worry about paying for dry cleaning or rental insurance. Rent the Runway covers those extras.

What Makes Unlimited Stand Out?

Unlimited stands out because it really lets women get an unlimited amount of clothing. Rent the Runway doesn’t put a cap on how many items you can receive in a month. If you want to wear all three items on the first day, send them back and do the same thing with your next round of picks, then you’re welcome to keep getting more clothing.

Rent the Runway also has an impressive catalog of clothing that makes it different from other fashion services. Even though Unlimited members don’t have access to every item in the Rent the Runway catalog, you can get most clothes and accessories sent to you. Some of the most popular items available through the Unlimited membership come from designers like Kate Spade New York, TIBI, Draper James, Hunter Bell and Tanya Taylor.

Common Reviews of Unlimited

Members give Unlimited overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many reviewers say that they love having the option to trade clothes as often as they want. This gives them the power to wear a different outfit every weekend without wasting money on nice clothes that would eventually sit in the back of the closet. In fact, some subscribers see Unlimited as an eco-friendly option since they don’t have to buy as many new clothes.

Fans also say that Unlimited ships them new clothing and accessories quickly. The process of sending back an old garment and receiving a new item in the mail typically takes about one week. Your location may affect how long deliveries take, though.

Having access to such a large number of garments and accessories also gets mentioned by dedicated Unlimited members. Many Unlimited members live in places where they can’t find clothing from fashion designers based in places like L.A., New York and Paris. Thanks to Unlimited, they get to try clothes from some of the world’s most recognized designers. If they decide that they want to keep the item, then they can purchase it at a discounted price.

Of course, there are some negative reviews about Rent the Runway Unlimited. The biggest complaint comes from women who want to rent high-priced items such as wedding dresses and formal gowns. Unlimited doesn’t give you access to everything in the Rent the Runway catalog. After all, Rent the Runway can’t let people rent $5,000 wedding dresses for just $139 per month. It would create too many opportunities for the company to lose money.

Some members also complain that Rent the Runway doesn’t have enough items for plus-sized women. The company does have some clothing specifically made for larger women, but it doesn’t have a large selection. Unfortunately, this is common within the fashion industry. Rent the Runway would possibly have more plus-size clothing in stock if more design houses would create dresses, shirts, pants and other items for larger women who want to dress well. The fashion industry may have to change before Rent the Runway can change.

Is Unlimited for Me?

Unlimited is a great option for women who prefer renting clothing over buying fashion. Although you don’t get to keep the items you get from your Unlimited membership, they do become a part of your rotating wardrobe. If you look in your closet, you will probably find lots of clothes that you don’t want. Unlimited eliminates this problem by letting you wear clothes until you tire of them. Once you don’t want them anymore, you send them back to the company.

A lot of women will love the services and clothing that Rent the Runway’s Unlimited plan offers. Unlimited isn’t perfect for everyone, though. Some people may find the $139 per month subscription fee a bit pricey. Others may question the value of renting clothes instead of buying them.

If you’re someone who will benefit from an Unlimited membership, then you probably already feel excited about trying this option. Since you don’t have to make any commitments, you should try Unlimited to see if it fits your wardrobe needs.

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