Carbonite Review

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When talking cloud storage, Carbonite is one of the best and most-trusted services on the market. Its affordable prices garner you unlimited backup space to your cloud. With its multitude of services, it is hard to find another service that delivers the same options for a comparable amount on a monthly or yearly fee.

One of the strong points of Carbonite is the ease of navigation with its interface. A user-friendly dashboard has a very low learning curve for most users. Setup is simple and straightforward. The extended time it takes for the initial backup is common, as this is fairly normal across the spectrum for initial backups.

The default will automatically back up your documents, photos, email and music you have stored on your computer. This means you don’t have to take the time to set parameters individually on the files you want backed up.

How Does Carbonite Work?

If you’re looking for ease of use, Carbonite is your best bet. But don’t let its easy interface fool you: it packs a punch. Carbonite’s automatic backup feature means new or updated files get backed up almost as soon as you create them.

You can invite others to view files and add comments for a group to see and respond to by using Carbonite’s Sync & Share center. This is a valuable resource for teams that need to collaborate on projects. You can effortlessly access all the files and documents necessary to stay up-to-date on what your team is doing. You can eliminate the frustrating bouncing back and forth between your email inbox and your cloud storage dashboard.

What Makes Carbonite Stand Out?

Carbonite’s file-restoring feature sets it above the pack. You can restore a file via three primary means when using Carbonite: web app, PC client or backup drive. The desktop recovery feature is a lifesaver for those who make mistakes at times. With Carbonite, this is an easy fix.

You can address accidental deletions through the Carbonite desktop application. The deleted file can be immediately repaired.

Common Reviews of Carbonite

Most reviews of Carbonite are glowing. There is a lot of praise for the automatic backup, security and file restoration features. The file versioning feature that gives you 30 days to recover a file version is also a popular talking point.

By default, Carbonite only backs up certain file types. This leads to some frustration among users because it doesn’t back up all the files in a folder. You can alter this option by making a few changes in the settings but it is something that not everyone remembers to do.

There are also complaints about the speed with which Carbonite works its magic. Some of the uploading and downloading tends to get a little slow sometimes. For those not in a hurry, this is a moot point. But for those on a tight schedule, this can be frustrating.

Overall, Carbonite comes highly recommended for individuals and small businesses. It is a cost-effective way to keep files and sensitive data secure.

Is Carbonite for Me?

Carbonite is one of the most popular brands for cloud backup. It is more a backup solution than just a cloud storage application. Carbonite’s optimized cloud-based solution meets the needs of individuals and small businesses who are seeking a secure way to back up their systems off-site.

If you need an affordable, reliable system for restoring your PC and portable files in case of data loss or system failure, Carbonite is a great choice for any individual or small business.

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