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If all you need is online storage, Dropbox is a great way to go. It is not, however, a cloud-based computer backup. It can’t automatically back up your entire computer. With Dropbox, you create a folder in your online space into which you drag files to store them.

How Does Dropbox Work?

Dropbox allows you to handle any stored file from your computer or mobile device. You can combine files from multiple devices into one online space. These files will then be available to you or other users from any of the devices you’ve loaded with the Dropbox app. Or you can access your space directly through the Dropbox website.

What Makes Dropbox Stand Out?

Dropbox does away with many of the features that are, frankly, typical annoyances when doing business online. If you begin a project on your office computer, you can upload the files to Dropbox, then access them at home on your computer there. There’s no need to attach files to emails and send them.

Is your tablet or work computer prone to crashes? A computer crash isn’t such a tragedy when a few minutes of downloading files from a Dropbox account gets you back to work. Bandwidth limits can be manually set.

Common Reviews of Dropbox

One complaint mentioned more than once is Dropbox’s lack of FTP ability. If you need to transfer files via FTP, you are out of luck with Dropbox — that feature isn’t offered.

Many cite the ability to limit bandwidth as a definite positive. This feature can come in handy if you’re uploading or downloading files from desktop software frequently during the day. Limiting the bandwidth helps if you don’t want your network to get bogged down when you’re using Dropbox a lot.

Some describe Dropbox’s pricing for upper limit storage capacity and number of users as “pricey” when compared to some of its competitors. Some feel that the price should include computer backup, but that is not a feature Dropbox currently offers.

Is Dropbox for Me?

Dropbox’s simplicity makes it a good fit for anyone, whether an internet novice or a seasoned pro. If all you’re looking to do is back up small files, such as pictures, routines and agendas, texts or presentation files, then Dropbox is for you.

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