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If you’re looking for a strong cloud backup service to keep your files safe, then iDrive may be what you’re seeking. The installation of iDrive is easy and straightforward once you get the desktop application downloaded. The included install wizard takes you through the process, step by step. You can start backing up your files immediately after completing the install.

The newer versions of the software are more user-friendly. The software doesn’t automatically back up all types of files or look for files in nonstandard folders. This is something you have to consider when setting up your backup parameters.

How Does iDrive Work?

IDrive has a web portal where you can access and share your files. You can browse your files, share them around with friends and family, and upload them to your account. You can’t download an entire folder, which is a negative, but a minor one.

The restore process is easy. Just click on the “restore” tab on the dashboard, browse through your backup folders, then select the file(s) you want to restore and where you want the restored files to land. Click to start, and that’s it.

When you have the iDrive Android or iOS app on other devices, you can restore your backed-up files from those devices to your desktop. The iDrive mobile app is ridiculously simple, making it super easy to access your files, protect your information and back up your mobile files.

What Makes iDrive Stand Out?

IDrive offers a strong, consistently performing cloud backup service. You can back up your entire disk image, giving you complete system protection. You can use local copy for an additional copy of your backup, such as an external drive.

IDrive lets you work on the go with powerful mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can obtain a plan to back up just your mobile devices, with unlimited backup, for a measly $4.99 per year. You can back up contacts, calendars, photos and videos stored on your phone.

IDrive offers social data backup to safeguard your Facebook and Instagram photos and videos. This is not a feature common among competitors.

Common Reviews of Product

Reviews paint iDrive as the ultimate backup solution for smartphone users. Those with multiple computers and devices sing the praises of iDrive. The speed of the service is great, especially when restoring files.

Some complain that it allows unlimited machines but does not provide unlimited storage with accounts. There are some complaints about the dashboard being confusing for some novice users. This tends to rectify itself as users gain experience using the service.

Is iDrive for Me?

If all you need is a secure, safe backup space for your personal documents and photos, iDrive is an excellent choice. However, if you’re a professional who has a large cache of high-definition video or large files that need backing up and storage, iDrive could get expensive in a short amount of time.

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