When looking at online reviews for Ebates, one thing becomes clear: it has some solid, loyal users and it has its detractors. Overall, the positive, loyal users seem to outnumber those who have had a negative experience with Ebates.

How Does Ebates Work?

Shopping through Ebates is a straightforward process if you’re shopping online. First, you create your account through Ebates.com. You can provide a home address to have your payments snail-mailed to you, or you can link your payments to your PayPal account.

Once you’re set up, you can search through the linked retailers for a place you wish to shop. A “shop now” button will be there for you to click. This takes you to the store where you can shop at your leisure. When you make a purchase, your rebate percentage will show up in your Ebates account. For example, if Walmart offers a 10 percent cash back on electronics and you purchase a $600 laptop, you’ll see a cash back rebate of $60 show up in your account.

You won’t see this amount immediately posted to your account, however. It can take up to seven business days for your cash back to appear. You get paid for your accumulated rebates after the cash has been in your account for 60 days. After that, payments go out every quarter on the 15th of February, May, August and November.

What Makes Ebates Stand Out?

The first thing that jumps out when you visit the Ebates website is the number of major retailers that participate in the program. From Kohl’s to the artisans of Etsy, you can claim rebates for purchases made online. If you prefer brick-and-mortar stores, there is a way to claim savings while shopping in store.

By far, Ebates is the most widely advertised affiliate marketing business that uses online apps. With the exception of the downside points listed above, Ebates is a ridiculously simple way to save some cash with online shopping.

Common Reviews of Ebates

Hands down, the majority of reviews of Ebates are positive. There are very few complaints voiced in review blogs and comments sections. The most commonly mentioned complaint is inaccuracy in recording purchases, which results in missed rebate postings to accounts. There is a link on the Ebates page to register these complaints, and Ebates seems to be fairly good at resolving any such issues.

Is Ebates For Me?

The amount of the rebates you receive is a small percentage of the purchases you make, so you’re not going to get rich from Ebates rebates. But it can add up if you do a great deal of purchasing online, especially if you make large purchases. If you’re only buying a few bucks of product here and there, Ebates is probably not going to be worth your time. You must accumulate rebates of more than $5 to receive their quarterly payouts.

If you’re just looking for some side cash now and then, Ebates is an effortless way to collect it.

If staying on top of sales and special offers is important to you, then the Shopular app should be in your library. Like to clip coupons and keep track of local store circulars? Shopular can help you out there, as well. If you allow push notifications, it will alert you when a sale is near at your favorite retailers.

Shopular also lets you share deals and “finds” with friends through text message. If you like to interact in an online community, you can leave comments about the app, sales and shopping tips in the Shopular community forum.

How Does Shopular Work?

Because Shopular’s features rely so heavily on GPS, it will ask you for permission to track your location. This is nothing new for apps; many do it as a matter of routine operations. Once you allow GPS tracking, the app will give you the option of filtering for savings and deals on malls in your local areas.

Shopular is customizable to fit your shopping tastes. You can indicate certain retailers as your favorites in the app’s settings. This makes certain you’ll be up-to-date on the latest deals which the retailer is offering and alert you to deals based on your location.

What Makes Shopular Stand Out?

In 2015, Shopular rolled out two major enhancements to its mobile shopping app. Its Products upgrade gives its users access to savings on actual products along with deals for specifically favored store locations. Its Curated Content feature gives users access to trending shopping and buying articles and tips. These enhancements put Shopular well on the way to becoming the essential mobile shopping app for consumers and merchants.

Shopular has a team of fashion editors to keep its users up to speed on what’s trending in fashion, from what the top colors are this season to the hottest looks for the coming months. Shopular brags that it can keep consumers “in-the-know” about all the best promotions, the greatest deals from favorite stores and the latest trends around the country.

Common Reviews of Shopular

Shopular is generally well reviewed in online forums. The battery draining of the GPS function notwithstanding, there are very few negative comments concerning the app. The fact that it includes higher-end retailers is a large plus in its favor, and the enormous cache of participating retailers makes it hard to beat.

One of the biggest negative points highlighted in reviews is the draining effect that using GPS has on cell battery life. This may require planning when shopping, especially if you want to use coupons directly from your phone. You aren’t given the option of using the location feature only when the app is in use; it is an “always on” or “never on” choice.

Is Shopular For Me?

Shopular is a fantastic app if you’re a shopaholic or if you’re a mall rat. If you’re in a retail rut, Shopular can help you find your way out. If malls aren’t your thing, Shopular may not appeal to you as much as some other similar apps. While stores that aren’t normally found in malls are in the cache of retailers, the app tends to work best when it has a local mall to detail.

The bottom line is savings, and if couponing and deal-hunting is your thing, Shopular is an app you probably want in your arsenal. It is simple to use and can offer up literally thousands of opportunities that could save you money.