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When working with the DNA test, your first step is to go online and order the DNA test kit. Once this kit arrives in the mail, you will follow easy step-by-step directions that show you how to fill a test tube with saliva and then to prepare the test tube for shipping. It is important to fill the entire test tube with saliva, as directed, to ensure the examiners have enough DNA to conduct proper testing. You will then mail the sample to the DNA testing center using the enclosed pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope.

At the testing center, specialists will analyze your DNA using microarray type autosomal testing. This type of test will analyze more than 700,000 points within your genome to generate accurate DNA results. Analysts will then compare your DNA with millions of people from around the world and calculate your ethnic origins based on complex algorithms.

Once this evaluation is complete, which can take up to eight weeks or more, you will receive an email with a link to your specific DNA results. These results will detail the breakdown of your probable ethnic mix, by percentages. For example, you may be 56% Easter European, 40% Ireland and 4% other. This test breaks these results into 26 ethnic area, including regions in America, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Asia and Pacific Islands. The results also will show possible genetic communities based on your specific DNA results. offers more than 300 genetic community options to provide more details about your specific ethnic, cultural and geographic history.

The results also will reveal other people from their DNA database that closely match your DNA. If you are an subscriber, you will have access to the family trees and profiles of these matches to give you more insight. In addition, you can link your results to your own family tree and share your results with others.

What Makes the DNA Test Stand Out?

The number one thing that makes DNA test stand out is its very large database. Currently, this database stores the DNA data from more than 4 million people. This makes it the largest consumer DNA database in the world. When it comes to finding possible DNA matches, the DNA test is without a doubt the best. It also is very affordable. While some DNA testing options can go as high as $200 to $200, DNA test remains below $100.

Common DNA Test Reviews

The DNA test has received mixed results from past customers. While more than half of these customers rate the test service very favorably, about one-fourth are completely dissatisfied. Those that are very pleased with these services point to the fact that the test was easy to use, provided accurate results in accordance to what they believed their ethnic mix was, and that it is cost effective. Many of those who are also subscribers liked the fact that they could integrate their DNA results with their family tree quickly and easily, and the fact that they could share these results with other family members. They also were pleased to find so many connections through the massive DNA database.

Most people that were dissatisfied with the services felt that the results were inaccurate. It is important to note that the DNA test service, like most other DNA testing options, uses a series of complex algorithms to determine ethnic mix and genetic communities. There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of these results, but the company does stand behind their services and declare them to be accurate in most cases. In addition, it would be impossible to determine if the customer or was correct in their genetic breakdown results. Some other customers were hoping for a more detailed report, but this kind of detail is found only with more expensive testing.

Is the DNA Test for Me?

If you are looking for general information about your specific family history, then the DNA test is ideal for you. It also is great for those that are hoping to connect with others who share similar DNA, but keep in mind that this service is for subscribers only.

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