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Living DNA is one of the newest DNA testing sites, in which people connect with a variety of genealogists as a method of uncovering their total genetic heritage. Offering reports that are more in-depth than the average DNA testing site, what makes Living DNA unique is that they not only cover your family-line history, they also provide you with your motherline as well as your fatherline if you are male.

Offering a DNA mix that includes 80 regions of the world, so far, Living DNA seems to have the most in-depth DNA testing system on the market. Moreover, to date, Living DNA is the only company offering ethnicity breakdown by regions within the British Isles. Furthermore, much like the other DNA testing sites, Living DNA provides free updates as additional information and technology becomes available. Furthermore, given that they are looking into ways to help women gain access to their fatherlines, their updates will likely provide cutting edge information.

How Does Living DNA Work?

Simply put, Living DNA collects your DNA in order to provide you with a complete overview of your ancestral and genetic makeup. With a system constructed on a customized version of the most contemporary Illumina chip technology, the Global Screening Array (GSA), Living DNA has a unique method of research. With over 650,000 markers encoded on their Orion chip, each of which, is represented at least 15 times, this allows Living DNA to provide customers with results that highly accurate and precise. Their chosen markers help to provide better representation of a broader variety of international populaces.

What Makes Living DNA Stand Out?

Living DNA uses the latest, cutting-edge DNA chip technologies and software as a means of providing customers with thorough results. Moreover, so far, this is the only ancestry-testing service capable of breaking down the UK to a regional level, which is a much sought-after feature for those who have ancestry in Britain and Ireland. In addition, they also provide information with regards to where the descendants of your family ancestry, from an array of eras, live today.

Common Living DNA Reviews

Although everyone has a unique experience with DNA testing sites, overall, the reviews of the are pretty good. However, it seems the technology may be a bit too new to tell. One the one hand, while most had relatively positive experiences with this company, many noted that they left out certain elements of their ancestry and genealogy, usually the least prominent, while most of the other sites had fairly comparable results to one another. That means this site may be hit and miss, depending on what your ancestry entails.

Is Living DNA Right for Me?

Everyone is capable of taking a test on Living DNA, as it is possible to look into anyone’s genetic history using their methods. However, since only males are able to get their fatherline results, some women feel they are not receiving the best deal. Fortunately, Living DNA is currently researching methods to help women search their father’s ancestry. These tests will likely involve the testing of other close family members, among other things. Either way, while these services can clearly be useful to either men or women, for now, men will get the most out of using the services of a company such as this one.

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