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Constant Contact is one of the top-rated email marketing solutions and it is a ranking that is well deserved. The attention to detail that Constant Contact offers sets it above most of its competitors. Constant Contact provides email marketing software and services to a client base of over half a million users.

Its option for event registration and its contact list management options are some of the best features available. Constant Contact offers unique tools and a truly helpful support system that help shorten the learning curve for this software system.

Constant Contact provides detailed reports on rate of emails opened and forwarded, number of clicks and bounces. It creates reports that detail number of unsubscribes as well as the top performing links. There’s also a spam report.

Constant Contact’s reports are also integrated with Google Analytics. This allows for monitoring of readers’ traffic as a result of your email campaign.

How Does Constant Contact Work?

Constant Contact is an easy-to-use application but some of the tools may present some difficulties. Trying to import old email campaign materials into the software to edit and refresh for another release can be a bit tricky. But there are help options available to deal with these sticking points.

Some of the most helpful tools are the image-editing ones. You get the option to edit the saturation of an image or change the contrast. You can add a frame or not. These features eliminate the need to pay for other software to edit images.

What Makes Constant Contact Stand Out?

One of Constant Contact’s exceptional features is its event hosting tools. Constant Contact makes managing everything you need for the event easy, quick and organized. The email marketing service will create a separate email list of registrants for you. This allows you to contact them whenever necessary.

You can also include a link to accept PayPal payments for your event through Constant Contact.

As one of the most versatile email marketing services available, Constant Contact extends past its competitors by embracing surveys, deals, event marketing and social media opportunities.

Common Reviews of Constant Contact

Constant Contact enjoys descriptive terms such as “solid tool” and is frequently recommended for small businesses new to the email marketing world. Constant Contact is a good starting tool.

Email marketers and businesses that have already amassed an email contact list find Constant Contact to be a great option for their needs. Its ability to pull contact lists together and compile them into one organized, customized list is one of its favorite offerings.

Reviewers who use online customer management services like Salesforce tout Constant Contact as one of the best collections of email marketing management tools on the market. You can simply upload a spreadsheet or text file for automatic processing through Constant Contact’s management interface.

Constant Contact users sing the praises of the company’s customer support staff in online review forums. The main options praised as positives are the ease of navigation through the system and the easy-to-use organizing and sorting tools to manage contact lists.

In many reviews, the ready availability of helpful resources is frequently cited as a major positive for Constant Contact. The free workshops are a popular feature that allows users to also make connections with local consultants and advisers.

Is Constant Contact for Me?

Constant Contact is a great fit for companies or individuals who are looking for additional features that many of the other email marketing services don’t offer. Features such as great templates, multilingual templates, email archiving and premium image hosting are an extra plus offered by Constant Contact users.

Constant Contact has more of a “professional” feel to its templates and finished creations than many of its competitors. Constant Contact is a great choice for anyone planning newsletter or email marketing campaigns.

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