Nook GlowLight Plus Review

Overall this is a very solid e-book reader, on par with others in this price range. It has a clear, easy-to-read screen and sleek look and feel. With the clear text and all-over back-lit glow light that won’t cause eye strain, it is easy to read both at night and in direct sunlight. The addition of the waterproof feature makes it a great option for travel, as it’s more insulated and portable – making it a good choice if you want to read while hanging out in the pool.

While the reading experience itself is pretty comparable with others, the user interface has received some criticism, with lag times of turning pages and difficulty navigating both the Barnes and Noble store and the library of books on your device.

While the Nook e-books struggled for a few years, since handing over the hardware and software development to Android we have seen a significant improvement in the usability and aesthetics of the Nook e-readers.

How Does the Nook Glowlight Plus Work?

The Nook Glowlight Plus functions pretty much like any other e-book reader on the market. When you power it up, you’ll have to connect it to Wi-Fi (no 3G option here) and then sign up for a Barnes & Noble account to begin buying books. All of the navigating options are available along the bottom of the Home Screen. You’ll see Library, which shows your downloaded books, Shop, B&N Readouts, Settings and Search. You can navigate around, buy books and then find them in your library when you’re ready to read them.

The reading functions via touchscreen to turn the pages. There is no button to turn the pages and sometimes there is a few second lag when trying to turn the page. A minor complaint, but as this is the main feature of the e-reader it can be a bit annoying.

One big difference from the Kindle Paperwhite is that the screen is not recessed, which makes for a slightly more enjoyable reading experience.

What Can You Read on Nook Glowlight Plus?

Book are obviously the primary purpose of the Nook e-reader and there is a wide selection. Basically anything that you can find in a Barnes & Noble store and in some cases more is available to purchase for a very reasonable price through the store right on the e-reader.

You also have access to purchase subscriptions to a variety of newspapers and magazines through the Barnes and Noble store and have them delivered right to your device.

The Nook also has the additional functionality of being able to plug into your computer and download either Epub or PDF files that you have onto your device. So if you purchase third-party books in either of those formats, you can keep everything in one place.

Common Reviews of Nook Glowlight Plus

The reviews are generally positive, with it receiving a 3.1 out of five stars on Barnes & Noble’s website. Everyone is very happy with the screen resolution and backlighting, saying it offers a wonderful reading experience. People also love the fact that you don’t have to swipe to get it to turn on. The evenly backlit screen is also a huge boon for the Glowlight Plus.

The main complaints centered around the user interface and the performance lag time. People are very impatient nowadays and with other faster e-book readers out there, the difference is notable. A few reviewers also noted that while the battery does last a long time, it can take a few hours to reach a full charge, so make sure to leave plenty of time to charge.

Is the Nook Glowlight Plus for me?

This is a great option if you want to purchase a mid-range e-book reader that still has an amazing screen resolution and reading experience. It is also a great option for travelers because of its sturdy, waterproof and dust-proof construction. If you are already an Amazon prime subscriber, it might make less sense to go for a Nook over a Kindle since you would have to purchase an additional subscription instead of getting free unlimited access to Amazon’s book library. The two libraries are very similar in their offerings, but as many users have noted, the B&N library is not as intuitive to use as Amazon’s.

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