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About TicketCity

TicketCity started its online ticket market in 1990, making it one of the earliest companies to sell tickets via the internet. During the early 1990s, TicketCity primarily sold tickets to sporting events. The company continues to partner with CBS Sports. Today, TicketCity sells tickets to a wider range of events, including concerts and plays.

How Does TicketCity Work?

TicketCity has a straightforward website that makes it easy for people to find tickets to the events that they want to attend. You can either search for an event by name or browse events by categories, including concerts, MLB, NFL and soccer.

Event listings provide information about the event’s date and location. When searching for concert tickets, you can view listings for every city on a tour’s schedule. This makes it possible for you to compare tickets in cities near you.

Once you find an event that appeals to you, click on the listing to learn more about available tickets, their locations and their prices. Depending on the venue, TicketCity will provide a seating chart with your seats highlighted. Most major venues have seating charts available on the TicketCity website.

If you want to buy tickets to a large event, you may want to filter listings to find tickets within your price range. You can also filter tickets by quantity.

Once you choose your tickets, you pay TicketCity, and the seller sends your items electronically or via the mail. TicketCity guarantees that you will receive your tickets on time. If you do not, then it will replace your tickets or issue a refund. TicketCity also issues refunds when events are canceled and not rescheduled.

What Makes TicketCity Stand Out?

TicketCity’s excellent customer services make it stand out from other online ticket sellers. Few ticket sellers take customer services seriously. Instead, they trust that buyers and sellers can reach agreements on their own. Reviews of other ticket marketplaces, however, make it obvious that companies need to get more involved. TicketCity has taken the right path by choosing to invest in excellent customer services.

TicketCity also stands out for its interest in sports. When the company started, it focused on selling tickets to sporting events. As TicketCity grew, it began selling tickets to other types of events. Still, one look at the company’s website shows that the owner is still most excited about sports. If you want to find tickets to a small or major sports event, then you should consider using TicketCity.

Common TicketCity Reviews

All online ticket sellers receive a mixture of positive and negative reviews from their customers. TicketCity, however, has an overwhelmingly large percentage of positive reviews. People who write positive reviews online often point to the company’s dedication to stellar customer services. One happy reviewer mentioned that he was glad to buy MLB tickets through TicketCity, but he missed getting regular tickets that he could use as souvenirs. TicketCity’s customer service is so strong that someone from the company offered to track down regular tickets and send them to the customer as keepsakes.

Even happy customers can have small complaints. A lot of reviewers feel that TicketCity’s fees are too high. Since the fees vary from ticket to ticket, it’s difficult to compare TicketCity’s fees to those of other companies. Regardless, the company shows you how much you will get charged. Those who think that they can get better deals elsewhere should search other websites to find tickets. More often than not, they probably encounter similar fees on other sites. After all, companies that sell tickets have to earn money for themselves.

A small number of people find TicketCity’s fees so high that they refuse to use the service again. They complain that the company charges $7 to email tickets to customers. Some also claim that they had to pay more than 25 percent of a ticket’s price on service fees. If you’re not prepared to pay the price quoted by TicketCity, then please do not finalize your order until you have explored other options.

Is TicketCity Legitimate?

The online ticket industry has grown rapidly over the last couple of decades, so you have plenty of options when purchasing tickets. You should explore TicketCity first if you want to attend a sporting event. The company partners with sports professionals, so you can often get great seats without paying outrageous prices.

When it comes to price, make sure you pay attention to your ticket’s total price, including service fees. If you cannot afford the tickets, then you should explore other options. You may or may not find that other companies sell similar tickets for less money.

Overall, TicketCity is a good choice for anyone who wants to buy tickets to sold-out events. If you can’t get tickets directly from the original seller, then TicketCity will give you an excellent opportunity to attend the events that interest you. If you ever have any problems, you know that the company’s customer service reps are there to help.

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