Jawbone Up4 Review

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The addition of mobile payment capability with the Jawbone Up4 is an exciting upgrade to a fitness tracker. It lets you leave your wallet at home when you go for a run and want to hit the coffee shop on your way back. The limited option of credit card companies is disappointing and somewhat limits the device’s appeal.

Also troubling is the lack of security for mobile payments made using the Jawbone Up4. Once set to make payments with a tap to the NFC system, the device makes no authentication of who is using the device before making a purchase. If you lose your device or it’s stolen, however, you can use the app to disconnect your card.

How Does the Jawbone Up4 Work?

The Jawbone Up4 will track your heart rate and hydration levels, information that is integral to a serious health monitoring regimen. It will also let you know the temperature of your skin and your surroundings. The device gathers information through sensors embedded on the inside of the wristband. These won’t record accurately if not in contact with the skin, so you must make sure the band has a snug fit.

The Smart Coach is customizable and has interesting ways of correlating data. It can figure out if you’re more active with more sleep and will then tell you exactly when you need to go to sleep.

What Makes the Jawbone Up4 Stand Out?

The American Express hookup is the first feature that stands out on the Jawbone Up4. It has other features that set it apart, too. While it doesn’t have a display screen, there are three LED lights in the front that emit different colors to signify what’s at work: orange for sleep, white for notifications and blue when in monitor mode.

Common Reviews of the Jawbone Up4

The Jawbone app is integral to the operation of the unit. It is a robust interactive app that measures the basics, such as active time, calories burned, active vs idle times and resting period. It will cycle through the parts of your daily exercises and display your timeline in a graphic breakdown.

Since there is no display screen, you must have your smartphone handy to see the readouts from your wristband. This is a major plus for many and a drawback for others. Even a simple check of heart rate requires pulling out your phone.

There are multiple complaints of the wristband cracking or breaking after a short usage time. The clasp had some issues, but apparently these have improved with the most recent versions of the Jawbone.

Is the Jawbone Up4 for Me?

If you absolutely must have the latest in fitness tracker technology, this is probably the one for you. If you like to do a bit of shopping while you’re on your morning run, this is definitely the tracker for you.

The slim design allows you to easily conceal the wristband, so you can wear this tracker just about anywhere and not attract attention.

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