Striiv Fusion Review

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The Striiv Fusion offers more than the average fitness tracker and brings with it some of the difficulties that come with emerging or new technology. It is an easy device to set up, but several have reported some difficulty getting their smartphone notifications to come through in a timely manner. The company’s customer support is better than many customer support teams out there.

How Does Striiv Fusion Work?

Overall day-to-day functioning of the Striiv Fusion is above many of the other brands with comparable features. The accuracy seems to be more dependable than many products on the market. It seems that most reported problems have appeared after an automatic update completes installation. More recent updates, however, seem to be implementing with fewer glitches and interruptions in device function. Setup isn’t difficult, and the learning curve for operating seamlessly is low. Interface with Bluetooth devices seems to go off without a hitch.

What Makes Striiv Fusion Stand Out?

The Striiv Fusion stands out from the others for several reasons: the interchangeable colored wristbands, the sleep pattern tracking and accuracy of information tracked. It seems to count steps with accuracy and calculates the number of calories burned by the physical activity. The range of functions that it monitors and tracks is on the upper end of the spectrum of features for fitness trackers of comparable design and quality.

Common Reviews of Striiv Fusion

When perusing multiple reviews of the Striiv Fusion, there is no one feature that is overwhelmingly mentioned as either a positive or a negative feature of the product. There are several mentions of problems developing after upgrades install, but these are not mentioned religiously in consumer reviews. The ease of setup is frequently mentioned as a positive, as is the Bluetooth interface with smartphones for notifications and music control.

Is Striiv Fusion for Me?

If you are a person who is active or would like to become more active, the Striiv Fusion could be a welcome addition to your fitness regimen. It performs the normal functions of a watch, displaying time and date, and then offers up so much more. You can pair it with your Bluetooth for seamless interface with your smartphone. This makes it easy to manage incoming calls, texts and other notifications when you’re involved in physical activity without fumbling with your phone.

If you’re going for the whole wellness package, the sleep tracking features should catch your attention. If you suspect you’re having problems with your sleep patterns, this little wrist tracker can help you nail down the problem.

The interchangeable bands in varying colors are also appealing to those who have a flare for fashion as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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