HealthTap Review

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HealthTap is a Palo Alto-based company founded in 2010. The app has been covered by several national magazines and newspapers.

How Does HealthTap Work?

You need to create a personal account before you can start using the HealthTap app. The account will require you to answer some basic questions about your medical history and current health status. Once you complete the registration process, you can use the app quickly at any time.

If you have the free version of the HealthTap app, then you only need to ask your question and wait for an answer. It’s a simple exchange that only takes a few minutes.

If you want to meet with a doctor online, then you need to describe your symptoms and make an appointment. (This usually only takes a few minutes.) When the doctor comes online, he or she will try to diagnose your condition and make a personalized health plan that will make you well. If you require prescription medications, then your doctor can send a request to a pharmacy near you.

What Makes HealthTap Stand Out?

The most exciting thing about HealthTap is that it doesn’t charge you any money to ask general health questions. Once you create an account, you can submit questions without paying anything. You should receive a response quickly.

HealthTap also stands out for taking a lead in the healthcare app industry. The company has conducted numerous surveys to learn more about the services that patients want. It also works with doctors across the country to improve its platform continually.

HealthTap’s HIPAA-compliant technology keeps you secure when you text or video chat with a doctor. The company has put a lot of work into making sure that it follows government guidelines carefully.

Common Reviews of HealthTap

A lot of people like the HealthTap app because they can get basic medical information for free. Those who pay for the additional services say that they enjoy having quick access to a medical professional without going to an emergency room or urgent care center. Patients routinely describe the doctors as knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

Negative reviews of HealthTap usually come from people who don’t want to pay the $99 per month subscription fee. Many complain that $99 is higher than their co-pays, so they might as well see a doctor in person.

Other negative reviews usually come from people who use the free version of the app and don’t feel that they got adequate answers to their questions. Unfortunately, the free version of HealthTap will never compare to the paid version. If you expect too much from the free option, then you may feel disappointed.

Is HealthTap for me?

HealthTap is probably a good option for you if you prefer using an online service instead of visiting your doctor, ER or urgent care center. The subscription model makes it especially useful for parents with several children because they can get their concerns addressed without spending money on co-pays.

If you want to find a more convenient, affordable approach to healthcare, then you should consider using HealthTap. You can try the free version before paying for full access to the app’s services.

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