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InstaDOC formed in 2012 to give patients easier access to quick medical care. The company released its iOS app in 2016.

How Does InstaDOC Work?

Once you download the InstaDOC app to your Apple device, you can create a personal profile that contains your medical history and payment information. The next time you get sick or injured, you can schedule an appointment with an InstaDOC doctor. At that time, the app will collect your $40 fee.

At the scheduled time, the doctor will contact you through the app. If you do not answer within three attempts, InstaDOC cancels your appointment. It does, however, keep your fee. When you answer, you get to talk face-to-face with a certified doctor who can address your ailment. Doctors and patients usually spend about 15 minutes talking to each other.

If you require prescription medication, then your doctor will submit a request to your pharmacy. Keep in mind, however, that InstaDOC will not write prescriptions for narcotic drugs.

What Makes InstaDOC Stand Out?

InstaDOC stands out for its low price. You won’t find many medical apps that charge as little as $40 to speak face-to-face with a doctor.

The low price makes InstaDOC a great option for people who don’t have health insurance. If you do have health insurance, you should explore other options before committing to InstaDOC. Depending on how much your policy covers, you could get a lower price by choosing an app that accepts your insurance coverage. When it comes to uninsured people, though, you can’t beat InstaDOC’s flat rate.

Common Reviews of InstaDOC

InstaDOC gets mixed reviews from people who use it. Uninsured patients love that they can take control of their healthcare costs by using the app. Many people also enjoy the convenience of meeting with a doctor virtually instead of going to a doctor’s office, hospital or urgent care center. The video conference feature is especially useful when you have an ailment that makes it difficult for you to leave home. If you have the stomach flu, for instance, you don’t want to spend hours waiting in the ER lobby. InstaDOC gives you the advice and prescriptions you need without forcing you to leave home or wait in line.

People who write negative reviews about InstaDOC point out that the app isn’t as sophisticated as those created by some of its competitors. The app can only schedule appointments, accept payments and connect you to a doctor. It doesn’t have any extras to help you find medical advice quickly, learn about healthier lifestyle options or talk to a nurse practitioner. When it comes to technology, reviewers say that InstaDOC lags behind companies like Amwell and MeMD.

Not surprisingly, Android users don’t have anything positive to say about InstaDOC because the company hasn’t built an app for them.

Is InstaDOC for Me?

InstaDOC is a good choice for people who don’t have health insurance. The flat rate makes it one of the most affordable options available. InstaDOC also works well for patients who need simple medical services. You don’t need to spend money and time seeing a doctor when you have a minor ailment that an online doctor can solve for you. If your condition worsens, you should see a doctor for help.

Of course, you’ll need an Apple device to use InstaDOC. If you don’t own an iPhone or iPad, you can’t take advantage of this company’s services.

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