Amazon Echo Review

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How Does Amazon Echo Work?

The Amazon Echo arrives with a user’s guide on how to set up the device, sync it with your WiFi and libraries and use the voice command system. You will want to place your Amazon Echo in a central location and approximately eight inches away from walls or windows to prevent unnecessary echo from these barriers. You do not need to limit the Echo to your living room; it will work in any room of your home.

The first thing to do is to download the Alexa app using iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. You can also choose to download the app from your WiFi-enabled computer. Plug in the Echo to a power outlet and you will begin to see the light ring on the device turn blue, then orange. At this point, the device will greet you. You will next need to follow the enclosed directions to connect your Amazon Echo to your WiFi network. Once these steps are completed, you are ready to begin using both the Echo and Alexa’s voice command system.

To get started, you will need to say Alexa’s “wake word,” which will “wake up” the device and let it know that you are giving it a command. You can choose it to remain as “Alexa”, or set it to “Amazon” or “computer” to begin using your voice to identify commands.

Using Alexa’s voice command system on the Amazon Echo is quite easy to learn and manipulate. Begin your command with “Alexa” and follow with what you would like the device to do. If you would like to listen to a specific song or album, request this from Alexam, and shortly thereafter, your Amazon Echo speakers will be playing the song or album you’ve requested.

What Makes the Amazon Echo Stand Out?

There are many wireless, Bluetooth-enables speakers on the market. However, what makes the Amazon Echo stand out is Alexa’s voice command system. The abilities of Alexa far surpass competitors in the wireless speaker market, as this voice command system is able to build skills such as ordering a Lyft or Uber, ordering food or working with smart home devices. The capabilities of Alexa’s operating system are continuously evolving and advancing, with new “skills” being added often to the app.

Common Review of the Amazon Echo

The majority of reviewers highly praise the Amazon Echo for its ease of use and setup as well as its futuristic capabilities. The Echo has been highly rated by PC Mag, a leading technology source, and was even given its Editor’s Choice Award. Customers agree that the speaker’s performance, as well as the intuitive features of the Alexa app, make the Amazon Echo a must-have purchase for their homes.

Is Amazon Echo For Me?

If you are a tech-savvy guru who wants everything in your home to be controlled by one device, the Amazon Echo is a great product for your high-tech lifestyle. If you are someone who struggles to program your DVR but you want to seem as if you’ve mastered technology, then the ease of the Amazon Echo is also for you. Many reviewers have noted that if they have physical disabilities or limitations, the Amazon Echo has been a game-changer for how they are able to comfortably live in their homes. The voice command system allows people to set timers for medications, order rides and food and turn on lights without having to move across their home.

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