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Like many service lists, Porch offers consumers a way to find and vet contractors, while the service providers foot the bill. Porch is free for you, but contractors pay for the service and your contact information. It’s this model that helps keep the service free for users.

How Does Porch Work?

If you have a home improvement project on your list, you need to find a contractor to help you get it finished. That’s where Porch can help. Porch connects consumers with experienced and skilled service providers for all home maintenance needs. This can include services like:

  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping
  • Handyman services
  • Window repair/replacement
  • General contracting services

By partnering with Lowe’s, a leader in home improvement products and appliances, Porch is able to put you in touch with some of the best local contractors. The process is simple. Go to the Porch website and fill in what type of service you need and where you need it. Then, give a few more details and contact information. Within a few hours, you’ll have several options to choose from.

Different contractors will receive the information about your job. They’ll contact you directly to discuss the scope of the work and arrange a time to give you a quote. After you do your reference checks and other verification to make sure the contractor is legally allowed to complete the work, you can hammer out the final terms and agree on a price. Porch just makes shopping for a contractor a bit easier.

If you want to insure things like appliances, you can look at a home warranty company like Select Home Warranty.

What Makes Porch Stand Out?

Porch stands out in two unique ways. The first is the Porch guarantee, which is one of the few guarantees available through a free marketplace. The second area where Porch really excels is with the in-store partnership. By partnering with Lowe’s, Porch created an instant and expansive network of contractors for you to look through. Also, you can get specific recommendations for local contractors that have done good work for other Lowe’s customers.

Finding contractors using Porch is quick and easy. Their partnership with Lowe’s also means you can shop for materials and only pay for installation with the contractor of your choice. That’s a big part of what makes Porch so accessible to you as you look for quality and affordable home maintenance.

Common Reviews of Porch

Like many list services, Porch has more than its fair share of negative reviews. However, it’s important to remember that a lot of those negative reviews don’t come from consumers after a home improvement project. Instead, the vast majority of poor reviews come from businesses that paid for the lead generation services offered by Porch.

Most consumers give Porch high — four- and five-star — ratings. The easy contact process, ability to contact contractors directly and generally good service provided combine to make this relatively new entry into home service marketplaces one of the top options on many online review sites.

Is Porch for Me?

If you have an upcoming home improvement project or just need a little help with some nagging maintenance issues, Porch might be just what you’re looking for. This service can put you in touch with virtually every standard category of home maintenance out there.

If you’ve got drafty windows or a leaky roof, Porch can help you find contractors that specialize in these areas. Porch doesn’t offer anything for the business or industrial consumer, so remember that it’s homeowners only. But, as long as you own a home and have a growing to-do list of around the house chores, Porch can help. From landscaping, including just a quick mow, to major systems, Porch has a contractor for your job.

When there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle a leaky faucet, a broken light fixture and or cracked tiles, you probably need some help. If you’re ready to start that major kitchen overhaul you’ve been planning since you moved in or want to waterproof your basement, you’ll need to find a reliable and affordable contractor. Porch takes the guesswork out of finding quality workers. You can instantly see their reviews, all on verified jobs performed through the Porch system. That means no fake reviews. You can also see what they charged other users, so you can avoid inflated pricing, too.

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