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ADT is by far the most popular home security company in the United States. Despite that, ADT doesn’t offer nearly as many devices as some companies. Instead, it has chosen to concentrate on home security through sensors and cameras. While other companies are entering the world of home automation, ADT remains committed to the plan it has used for decades.

How Does ADT Work?

When you order ADT service, a technician comes to your home to install your system’s wireless components. Once the system is activated, people who enter your home must have a code that turns off the alarm. Without the code, an alarm will sound and the system will contact the police. Depending on which plan you have, you will also receive an email or text message alerting you to the situation.

ADT uses window and door sensors to determine when someone enters the house. The ADT system also comes with a motion detector that gets calibrated to ignore pets. You may get an occasional false alarm when your cat jumps on the kitchen counter, but they happen rarely.

What Makes ADT Stand Out?

ADT has some of the best customer services in the home security industry. It is one of the few companies that encourages members to contact customer service via telephone instead of email. As an extra bonus, ADT’s customer service representatives answer calls 24/7. You never have to worry about leaving a message that no one will return. Instead, you get to talk directly to a trained professional who knows how to answer your questions.

Common Reviews of ADT

The Better Business Bureau gives ADT an A+ rating. Still, the company receives a mixture of positive and negative reviews. Many negative reviews come from customers who purchased ADT systems and services through third parties. For instance, some people complain that they did not receive additional devices that would enhance their security systems. While this is unfortunate, it is outside of ADT’s control. If you choose to use ADT, make sure you deal directly with the company instead of an affiliate.

Positive reviews often focus on ADT’s commitment to good customer service. Customers repeatedly say that ADT’s employees provide accurate, thorough information that helps them make wise decisions. No matter what other problems some people may have with ADT, you have to admit that terrific customer service is hard to find these days.

Is ADT for You?

ADT is a good home security option for people who don’t want a lot of extra devices. If you’re interested in home automation, then ADT isn’t the right company for you. If you want a straightforward home security system that works well and gives you access to excellent customer service, then ADT will probably meet your needs well.

Keep in mind that ADT has cellular and landline systems. Many experts believe that cellular systems provide better security because savvy burglars can disconnect landlines. Using a landline connection, however, will save you more than $10 per month. In reality, you have to wonder whether many people who break into houses know how to disable phone lines.

ADT isn’t the cheapest home security option, but it is reliable and convenient. Anyone who’s serious about protecting their home from intruders should consider getting an ADT system.

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