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The home security industry puts a lot of pressure on companies to create new technologies and provide excellent services. FrontPoint has established itself as a company that’s capable of doing both. Its wide selection of accessory devices makes it one of the few home security companies to fully invest in home automation.

How Does FrontPoint Home Security Work?

FrontPoint devices communicate with each other via cellular technology. Thanks to cell technology, you don’t have to worry about wires. Cellular connections also make it impossible for potential robbers to avoid alarms by cutting the system’s cords. No matter what thieves try, the FrontPoint system will detect them.

When it comes to the basic home security devices, FrontPoint’s system works like those made by most reputable companies. When a door or window opens, the attached sensor sends a signal to the touch-screen, which acts as the system’s hub. The person who entered the house has a chance to input the right security code to deactivate the system. If the person uses the wrong code or does not attempt to enter a code, the system contacts the local police department for assistance.

FrontPoint’s expandable system can become even more effective when you add accessories. By adding a camera, you can see everything that happens within the camera’s view. The system lets owners watch camera feeds via their mobile devices or computers.

The FrontPoint app makes it easy for owners to use any accessory that they add to their systems. The app enables useful features like two-way audio so you can converse with people standing outside your home’s door, even if you’re not on the other side.

What Makes FrontPoint Home Security Stand Out?

FrontPoint Home Security stands out for its willingness to tackle the home automation industry. Most companies try to focus on basic devices for home security. They make motion detectors, door sensors, cameras and maybe a few novelty items. When it comes to combining the benefits of home security with home automation, though, FrontPoint leads the pack.

Some companies have tried to combine security and convenience, but few of them have done it as well as FrontPoint. Other companies seem to forget that people who want to invest in home automation want more than novelties. They want well-made products that they can rely on to adjust their home’s temperature, turn on lights and perform other essential tasks.

FrontPoint also stands out for its intuitive app. Mobile devices have become so commonplace that practically everyone in the United States uses them constantly. FrontPoint understands that smartphones have become essential to daily life. In response, the company built an app that puts the owner in control.

When you open the app on your phone, you automatically log in to your account. Depending on what devices you have, you can read alerts, view live camera footage, talk to other people at the house, check the temperature and even look for signs of flooding. While other companies struggle to put basic services into their apps, FrontPoint has already included a suite of features.

Common Reviews of FrontPoint Home Security

FrontPoint gets a lot of positive reviews for its excellent customer services. There aren’t many companies that encourage consumers to pick up their phones instead of sending emails, but FrontPoint maintains a customer service hotline that people of all ages will find comforting. Instead of waiting for emails, you can talk directly to a human.

Owners also like FrontPoint’s products. Several home security companies don’t seem to think about aesthetics when designing equipment. FrontPoint builds attractive devices that don’t look out of place in modern homes.

The system’s flexibility also gets rave reviews from people who use FrontPoint Home Security. Customers seem to like that they can grow their systems over time. Many homeowners start with the basic home security system. Eventually, they decide to add home interaction and home automation features.

Despite the positive reviews, many people complain about FrontPoint’s high costs. The basic system costs more than $1,800. Adding other devices pushes the price even higher. Of course, adding home automation devices to the system also means that you have to pay a higher monthly service bill. It doesn’t take long for this system to become expensive.

Related to the expensive prices, people don’t like that FrontPoint forces them into one-year or three-year contracts. As more companies move away from contracts, consumers will only feel more frustrated by this. Several home security companies already let buyers purchase systems without signing up for monitoring services. Customers can also choose to pay for monitoring on a month-to-month basis. These days, people don’t like feeling trapped by contracts. Unfortunately, you will have to sign a commitment if you want to purchase a FrontPoint system.

Is FrontPoint Home Security for You?

FrontPoint is a great home security option for people who want the latest technologies and excellent customer services. FrontPoint is particularly attractive to homeowners who want to experiment with home automation. Instead of using two systems for security and automation, they enjoy the convenience of getting all of their services from one company.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ignore FrontPoint’s high prices. The typical homeowner doesn’t have $1,800 sitting around to buy a home security system, especially for a system that doesn’t require installation.

To a great extent, you get what you pay for. FrontPoint has a great product. Not everyone can afford devices and services from FrontPoint Home Security, but those who can get more safety and convenience for their homes. Luckily, those who want cheaper options have dozens of other companies to explore.

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